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Crown Street Mall Refurbishment
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Artist's impression of Crown Street Mall

The refurbishment of Crown Street Mall has reached a new milestone with the first suspended concrete slab being installed in the eastern Mall, just west of the Church. The suspended concrete slabs will be poured in each construction zone consecutively over July.
Following the installation of each suspended slab, the concrete will be required to strengthen (cure) for between three – four weeks. When the slabs have strengthened our contractor will start paving works inside the construction fencing, followed by shop fronts.
In April, our contractor started to install granite stone cladding and paving on the new amphitheatre in the northern end of Church Street. The paving of the amphitheatre is expected to be finished at the end of July. Once the amphitheatre is finished, works to the surrounding areas such as the tree pits and shop fronts will start, with the solid construction fencing expected to be removed from the northern end of Church Street in August.
Works in the western Mall continue to progress, with paving works to the front of shop fronts now approaching the top of Globe Lane. These works will continue to be completed at night and in small stages to minimise disruption to shoppers and retailers. To coincide with the closure of a section of Keira Street, our contractor will be completing works in the intersection of Keira and Crown Streets, as well as the Keira Street entrance to the Mall in July to September. More information will be available closer to these works starting.
In mid-June 14 new tree guards were installed in the western Mall to protect the spotted gum trees that were planted in the space last October. In September, we anticipate the remaining trees will be planted throughout the Mall. Spotted gum and Illawarra flame trees were selected for Crown Street Mall to provide dappled lighting and shade in the warmer months.
The Crown Street Mall refurbishment is part of a broader strategy to revitalize the City Centre, and is just one example of our work towards improving ageing infrastructure across the city through the Securing Our Future project.
There are lots of exciting elements to the refurbishment, including free Wi-Fi, new trees and street furniture, decorative lighting and public art.
To prevent future disruption to shoppers and businesses, we're working with Sydney Water, Telstra and NBN Co to replace an ageing water main and accommodate the NBN roll out.
We are refurbishing Crown Street Mall with the project part funded by a $5m grant from the Australian Government’s Regional Development Australia Fund.
The refurbishment of Crown Street Mall is anticipated to reach completion in October 2014, weather and site conditions permitting.
We would like to thank the community for their patience during this exciting time for our City Centre.

More information

For more information on the refurbishment contact Council’s Customer Service on (02) 4227 7111.
For more information on the NBN rollout through Crown Street Mall contact 1800 687 626. 


- Shopfront paving work underway, western end of Mall, mid May 2014

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