Early Childhood Excursions
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Early Childhood Excursions

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Our early childhood program is perfect for three to five year olds who just want to have fun. Our programs are designed to get up close and personal with nature in a fun and interactive way. We provide a sensory experience through games, songs and movement.

The sessions are usually about 30 to 40 minutes long but can be shortened to suit the age and interests of each group.

Class sizes will be limited for certain activities due to safety considerations and staffing resources.

Compost Creatures   Captain Compost will take children on an exploration to uncover the little inhabitants of the compost, bugs, beetles and other creeepy crawlies, through song, dance and hands-on activities
Growing Plants from Seeds   Children will go on an adventure in the Garden searching for seeds- Just like the old Seed Hunters. They'll then learn how to plant and care for their growing plant
Magic Leaf Hunt   Children observe close details of plants as they match specific leaves to those found along their journey
Senses Working Overtime   Children will explore the herb, citrus and myrtle gardens with an emphasis on the use of their very own senses
Wiggly Worms   Meet the miners of the compost heap. These are nature's workers turning our food scraps into magic fertiliser


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