High School Programs
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High School Programs

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Lessons and activities are curriculum-based and designed to take high school students to the next stage of their progressive learning. These lessons can be tailored to suit different levels of development, with various degrees of technical and experimental activities to suit each individual age group.

As you will notice below, some of the activities are held at our annexe sites.

Program structure: 2 hour sessions

Class sizes will be limited for certain activities due to safety considerations and staffing resources. Maximum of 35 high school students.

Aquatic Interactions with Terrestrial Environments

Puckeys Estate is a unique combination of hydrological and terrestrial processes interacting together. This lesson will look at these aquatic and marine systems, how they work together to provide key ecosystem functions, and features of these aquatic and terrestrial environments, their changes over time and the indicators of the health of the environment.

Location: Puckey's Estate.

Curriculum Link – Science

Bush Story: Aboriginal Culture and the Environment

Students are invited into the fascinating world of traditional Aboriginal culture, with a focus on the indigenous interacting with the natural environment. Uncover the knowledge of traditional plant uses, shelter-building, artefacts​, and hear timely stories of our local culture.

Location: Wollongong Botanic Garden or Mt Keira.

Curriculum Link – Human Societies and their Environments; Aboriginal Studies

Investigating Ecosystems

Learn about the biobiotic and abiotic components of an ecosystem while undertaking scientific survey work at Mt Keira. Students will look at the variety of life from the five different kingdoms and assess what impact and influence they have in the system.

Location: Mt Keira.

Curriculum Link – Science and Geography

Recycling - Get it Sorted

This session shows the students what happens to all the items that go into the Recycling Bin. Through fun discussion the students will know what to recycle and what end products come out of this important part of the waste system.

Curriculum Link - Human Societies and their Environments

Story Threads

Revisit the past and uncover the history of waste and recycling with this interactive role play activity. Students act out the roles of local school children from 1947, and discover the evolution and future of human waste problems.

Curriculum Link - Human Societies and their Environments

The Ghost of Courtney Puckey

Have you ever wanted to meet an important ghost? Now's your chance. Courtney Puckey, the original owner of Puckey's Estate in the early part of the 20th Century, is ready to share his memories about his wonderful salt-making experiments at Puckey's and his memoirs of his life in historic Wollongong. Explore local history and uncover the importance of conserving our heritage.

Location: Puckey's Estate.

Curriculum Link – Human Societies and their Environments; History

To Dinosaurs and Beyond: The Diversity and Ages of Plants The Botanic Garden has plants on display from all ages and eras including the primitive algae to the sophisticated and successful flowering plants. Students take themselves on a journey through history and the diversity of plants. It's a challenge. It's a team game. It's fun and educational. Location: Wollongong Botanic Garden. Curriculum Link – Science, History, Geography


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