Current Heritage Programs
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Current Heritage Programs

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Heritage Interpretation works at Mt Kembla Memorial Pathway​

Council is working on a number of key projects, and implementing a range of programs aimed at positive management of our city’s heritage. A few of the key projects and programs are outlined below:

Wollongong Heritage Strategy 2015-2017

Council endorsed the Wollongong Heritage Strategy 2015-2017 in April 2016.

A copy of the strategy can be read or downloaded below:

Wollongong Heritage Strategy 2015-2017

Wollongong Heritage Reference Group

In 2018 Council re-established the Heritage Reference Group. The Reference Group is comprised of people interested in the management and conservation of Wollongong’s unique cultural heritage. The Reference Group’s role includes providing advice to Council on a range of strategic projects and Council policies related to, or that may impact on, the conservation and management of Wollongong’s heritage, raising community awareness of heritage conservation through heritage promotions and the distribution of the local heritage grant fund.

More information is available here  

Heritage Incentives

Council offers a range of incentives to owners and managers of heritage properties.  These are intended to support the conservation of heritage sites and provide a practical means for encouraging conservation outcomes. Details of these incentives are provided below:

Wollongong Heritage Fund

This Council-funded annual heritage grant program provides $30,000 each year to eligible conservation projects. The program is advertised and available to heritage listed property owners or managers.  The program is guided by Council’s Financial Assistance Policy and full details of the funding program can be read on the council Grants and Sponsorships page.

LEP Heritage Incentives Clause

The Wollongong Local Environmental Plan contains a “Conservation Incentives” clause (Clause 5.10(10)). This allows Council to apply flexibility around certain planning controls where a development will allow for the conservation of a heritage site.  For example, this could allow for the use of a building for a purpose that would otherwise be prohibited within a land use zone, provided the relevant requirements are met.

Reimbursement of Development Fees and Charges

Council offers owners or developers of heritage properties a refund of Development Application, Construction Certificate, and in some cases Section 94 Fees for heritage properties, where a development meets certain criteria and standards, and relates to the conservation of a heritage item.  Details of these fee reimbursement criteria and procedures are detailed in Section 21 of Chapter E11 in the Wollongong Development Control Plan 2009.

Free Pre-Lodgement Heritage Advice

Council’s heritage staff are available to provide advice to owners, managers and potential purchasers of heritage properties. This advice may cover future development options and opportunities, maintenance and conservation works as well as other relevant issues. For complex projects where conservation of a heritage site is proposed, a formal pre-lodgement meeting may also be provided free of charge.

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