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Filming & Photography

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Before you can film or hold a photography shoot on Council-owned property or outdoor spaces, you'll need to apply for permission.

If your shoot is less than 10 business days away, call our Filming Protocol Officer on (02) 4227 7111.

We ask that you submit your application at least 10 business days before the shoot to allow us to process your request.

How to Apply

Please read the NSW Government Filming Protocol (on the right of this page) and have the following ready before applying online:

  • Public Liability Certificate of Currency for a minimum of $20 million, noting Wollongong City Council as an interested party.
  • Site map showing your filming / photography and unit base set up / parking locations.
  • List of production vehicles detailing type, size and registration details.
  • Additional approval documents, e.g. RMS, CASA, etc.

Filming on Sea Cliff Bridge or Lawrence Hargrave Drive

For filming on Sea Cliff Bridge or along Lawrence Hargrave Drive, you must obtain permission from RMS (Roads & Maritime Services). To contact RMS, please call (02) 8396 1517 or email

Crown Land

If your filming or photography is on Crown Land (for example, the Wollongong Harbour area) you will need permission from the Department of Primary Industries - Lands.

Depending on the nature of your shoot, you may also need permission from Wollongong City Council.

To discuss filming on Crown Land, or if you're unsure whether your proposed location is on Crown Land, please call Council on (02) 4227 7111.

Road Closures

Should you require any road closures, you must provide your Traffic Management Plan/s, generated by an approved Traffic Management Company, to Council at least 12 weeks prior to your filming or photography activity taking place.

Drone and UAV Usage Certification Requirements 

The Production Company must be Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certified to operate a drone/UAV for a commercial purpose and must supply Council with the documentation as listed below: 

  • CASA issued UAV operators certificate (UOC)
  • CASA issued remote pilot certificate for each proposed operator
  • CASA approval for the specific date and time of the proposed shoot
  • Aviation specific public liability insurance certificate
  • Flight risk assessment
  • Pedestrian management plan with proposed pedestrian exclusion zone illustrated (minimum 30m from public and for take-off and landing zones)
  • Flight plan if operations are to deviate out of the 30m ground exclusion zone once airborne (maximum altitude must not exceed 123m)

Additional Restrictions for Use 

Further documentation m​​ust be submitted for any additional operations as listed below:

  • Within 5.5km of an airport requires specific CASA approval
  • At night requires specific CASA approval
  • Within restricted airspace requires specific approval from the controlling authority
  • Within military airspace requires military and CASA approval
  • Out of visual line of site requires specific CASA area approval

Approvals/Notification of Authorities

The Production Company must notify all relevant authorities and seek any relevant approvals prior to filming.  These authorities include, but are not limited to:

  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) – for drone/UAV usage
  • NSW Roads and Maritime Services – approval required for filming on State owned roads – e.g. Sea Cliff Bridge and along Lawrence Hargrave Drive.
  • Indigenous Approvals/Consultation – prior to submission of application and to be submitted with the online application.
  • Private Property Consent to Use – prior to submission of application and to be submitted with the online application.
  • NSW Police – The Local Area Command of the NSW Police should be notified by telephone and/or email of any filming in their area a minimum of 5 business days prior to filming. Police approval is required for filming on public roads.  
  • NSW Department of Primary Industries – approval required for filming on Crown Land e.g. Wollongong Harbour Area, Lake Illawarra
  • NSW Office for Children – for the employment of children. Children’s Guardian – prior to submission of application and to be submitted with the online
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