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Loading Zones

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​Loading Zones are primarily for trucks, or motor vehicles constructed principally for conveying goods, to pick up and drop off goods.  These vehicles can stop in a Loading Zone for up to 1/2 an hour. 

Station wagons and three wheeled delivery motor cycles can stop in them for 1/4 of an hour. 

They also operate as No Parking Zone in that cars can stop and pick up passengers as long as the driver does not leave the vehicle and takes n longer than two minutes.

The Zones are concentrated in the City Centre but can be found throughout the area especially in those with businesses and shops. 

The Loading Zones can be set to be Loading Zones between particular hours, on particular days or permanently.

A Station Wagon is described by the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) as a vehicle having ALL of the following features:

  1. Has a sedan equivalent. That is the body forward of the front seat or seats and the greater part of the mechanical equipment is the same or substantially the same as in a car of the same make AND
  2. Has a flat roof extending at the same height to the rear of the vehicle. That is the body is carried without significant reduction in height from the front seat or seats to the rear of the vehicle AND
  3.  Has an entrance at the rear suitable for loading and unloading goods AND
  4.  Is manufactured with a rear seat or seats which can be folded or removed readily to provide additional floor space for the carriage of goods AND
  5.  That when the seat or seats immediately to the rear of the front seat or seats are in position for passengers, has a substantial space for the carriage of goods in proportion to the overall size of the interior of the vehicle.
The majority of 4 wheel drive vehicles, SUV's, hatchbacks and other coupe and sports type vehicles ARE NOT defined as station wagons.
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