Helensburgh, Otford and Stanwell Tops Former 7(d) lands
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Helensburgh, Otford and Stanwell Tops Former 7(d) lands
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Council is discussing the future of Helensburgh, Otford and Stanwell Tops Former 7(d) lands 4/08/2012 - 26/10/2012

*Please note, following community feedback Council has extended the exhibition period for this planning proposal to Friday 26 October, 2012.

Draft Planning Proposal for Former 7(D) Land at Helensburgh, Otford and Stanwell Tops

Council is exhibiting a draft Planning Proposal to rezone land at Helensburgh, Otford and Stanwell Tops, currently zoned E3 Environmental Management and previously zoned 7(d) Hacking River – Environmental Protection, to a variety of zones.

The draft Planning Proposal reflects the decisions made by Council on 28 November 2011, where it considered twelve (12) reports on the different precincts in the area. If you’re interested, the reports and minutes from the Council meeting on November 28 can be found on the website under “Meetings” – “Archived Business Papers and Minutes” – “Year released 2011”.

The Planning Proposal is on exhibition between 4 August and 26 October 2012. 

The draft planning proposal has been approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure for exhibition.

As well as Council’s website, the draft Planning Proposal may be viewed at:

  • Council's Administration Building – Ground Floor Customer Service Centre (primary exhibition location), 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • Helensburgh, Thirroul and Wollongong libraries, during library hours.

Comments on the draft Planning Proposal are welcome and submissions should be lodged with Council by 26 October 2012.

Submissions can either be posted to Council at Locked Bag 8821, Wollongong, DC 2500 or emailed to records@wollongong.nsw.gov.au.

A community information drop-in session was held at Helensburgh Community Centre on Tuesday 28 August 2012 from 4pm to 8pm, to allow landowners and other stakeholders to view the plans.


E2 and E3 Explanation 

E2 and E3 Land Use Table Comparison


Report 1 - Item 2 - Review of 7(d) lands - Background Summary Report
Report 2 - Item 3 - Review of 7(d) lands - Lady Carrington Estate North, Garrawarra, Isolated Lots in the Royal National Park
Report 3 - item 4 - Review of 7(d) Lands - Otford North, Otford Central, Otford South and Govinda Precincts
Report 3 - item 4a Govinda Precinct
Report 4 - Item 5 - Review of 7(d) Lands - Gills Creek and F6 West Precincts
Report 5 - item 6 - Review of 7(d) Lands - Wilsons Creek Precinct
Report 6 - item 7 - Review of 7(d) Lands - Gateway Precinct
Report 7 - item 8 - Review of 7(d) Lands - Walker Street, Frew Avenue and Kelly Falls Precincts
Report 8 - item 9 - Review of 7(d) Lands - Lukin Street, Old Farm Road and Metropolitan Colliery Precincts
Report 9 - Item 10 - Review of 7(d) lands - Camp Gully Creek Precinct including Undola Road and Walker Lane Sub-Precincts
Report 10 - item 11 - Review of 7(d) Lands - Lloyd Place Precinct
Report 11 - Item 12 - Review of 7(d) Lands -Lady Carrington Estate, Lilyvale, Central Bushland and Otford Valley Farm Precincts
Report 12 - item 13 - Review of 7(d) lands - Land Pooling, Lady Carrington Estate South and Draft Planning Agreement


Planning Proposal Floor Space Ratio
Planning Proposal Heights
Planning Proposal Lot Size Sheet 1
Planning Proposal Lot Size Sheet 2
Planning Proposal Zoning Sheet 1
Planning Proposal Zoning Sheet 2
Planning Proposal Zoning Map with precincts - AO size - NEW

Planning Proposal

2012 Council Planning Proposal
2012 Council Planning Proposal - Section 117 directions
2012 Council letter requesting gateway determination
2012 Dept Planning Gateway determination
Section 117s Directions Planning Proposals
2012 Mineral Resources, Comments, 7 May 2012
2012 Rural Fire Service, Comments, 15 May 2012
Executive Summary, August 2012


Blackwells 1 - Rezoning Submission
Blackwells 2 - Conacher Flora and Fauna report, Sept 2011
Blackwells 3 - Conacher Bushfire report, Oct 2011
Blackwells 4 - Environmental Management Plan, Aargus
Blackwells 5 - Schedule of Approvals


The 7(d) Hacking River Environmental Protection zone was introduced in the 1980s and 1990s as a means of limiting development to protect the water quality of the Royal National Park and Hacking River. The zone has resulted in inequities between adjoining landowners, those with and without dwelling houses, and has prevented many land owners from building a dwelling house on their land.

The 7(d) lands contain significant bushland which is connected to the Woronora Catchment area, Royal National Park and Illawarra Escarpment.  The area is also the head waters of the Hacking River. The extensive bushland results in a high bushfire risk.  Conversely, some of the 7(d) lands have been historically cleared for farming, tourism, coal mining, industrial uses and housing.  There were 777 lots zoned 7(d) Hacking River Environmental Protection under the Wollongong Local Environmental Plan 1990. The lots are owned by 303 landowners and / or companies. The lots range in size from 42 square metres to 133 hectares. The majority of the lots (58 per cent or 457 lots) are between 500m2 and 2,000m2 in size.  Only 108 of these lots contain dwellings.

There has been a long history associated with the conservation and possible development of the 7(d) lands, including the Helensburgh Commission of Inquiry (1994).  One of the main issues is the permissibility of dwelling houses. Some owners have owned land since 1965, in the hope that planning controls may change to enable a house to be built. In other instances, planning controls have changed which has prevented a dwelling being built where it was previously permissible.

On 5 July 2011, Council resolved to:
1. Prepare a draft Planning Proposal to rezone 16 precincts. The NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure have granted permission for the Planning Proposal to be exhibited. Prior to exhibition the Planning Proposal is being reviewed by Council.

2. Retain the current E3 Environmental Management zone for 3 precincts.

3. Exhibit a draft Planning Agreement involving a land swap proposal that affects 7 precincts. The draft Planning Agreement is an early part of the community consultation process and Council is seeking community comment.

The draft Planning Agreement proposes the dedication of 321 hectares of land to Council for inclusion in the National Park. In exchange, the draft Planning Agreement seeks urban development within the Land Pooling and Lady Carrington Estate South precincts. The draft proposal also includes an exit strategy for third party land owners in the Lloyd Place, Central Bushland and Lilyvale precincts.

Following the public meeting on 21 November 2011, Council considered reports on the 7(d) lands to determine whether the draft Planning Proposal and draft Planning Agreement should be progressed, modified or not progressed. This was discussed at the Council meeting on 28 November 2011 and Council has passed resolutions on 12 reports addressing 27 different precincts in the 7(d) land areas in Helensburgh, Otford and Stanwell Tops.

 Council Minutes 7d Resolutions 28 November, 2011

 Community Information Session - 21 November 2011 - Speaker List

 Council report - 25 May 2010 - Preliminary Report on 7d Submissions.pdf

 Council report - 5 July 2011 - Final Report on 7d Submissions.pdf

 Willana Report on 7d Lands 2009.pdf

In accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, your submission including any personal information such as your name and address, will be made available for public inspection and may be exhibited on Council’s website. You may request, in the form of a statutory declaration, that Council suppress the personal information in your submission from public inspection, if you consider that the personal safety of any person would be affected if the information was not suppressed. Any such request will be dealt with in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

You may also make an anonymous submission however if you choose to do so Council will be unable to contact you any further as to the outcome of your submission. It should also be noted that the lack of information as to your place of living may affect Council's consideration of the potential impact of the subject proposal.

Note: If Council receives a submission from any person who is legally required to provide a disclosure of any reportable political donation and / or gift under section 147 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Council is legally required to publicly disclose all relevant details of the reportable political donation or gift onto Council's website. This will include the name and residential address of the person who provided the political donation or gift onto Council's website for full viewing by the general public.

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