Community Updates
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All council websites and online services will be unavailable from 5:30pm today for essential maintenance

Community Updates

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Community Newsletters

Council produces three Community Newsletters per year that get delivered to every rate payer in the Local Government Area (LGA). Our most recent newsletter is shown below.

 Community Newsletter April 2018 Ward 1

Community Updates Advertiser

Each week, Council advertises development consents and approvals, public notices, and information on other events and activities in the Wollongong Advertiser. Copies of these ads can be found below, with the most recent at the top.


Community Update Advertisements

Community Update 18 July 2018.pdfCommunity Update 18 July 2018657 KB
Community Update 11 July 2018.pdfCommunity Update 11 July 2018330 KB
Community Update 4 July 2018.pdfCommunity Update 4 July 2018678 KB
Community Update 27 June 2018.pdfCommunity Update 27 June 2018292 KB
Community Update 20 June 2018.pdfCommunity Update 20 June 2018314 KB
Community Update 13 June 2018.pdfCommunity Update 13 June 2018409 KB
Community Update 6 June 2018.pdfCommunity Update 6 June 2018347 KB
Community Update 30 May 2018.pdfCommunity Update 30 May 2018541 KB
Community Update 23 May 2018.pdfCommunity Update 23 May 2018319 KB
Community Update 16 May 2018.pdfCommunity Update 16 May 2018330 KB
Community Update 9 May 2018.pdfCommunity Update 9 May 2018390 KB
Community Update 2 May 2018.pdfCommunity Update 2 May 2018343 KB
Community Update 25 April 2018.pdfCommunity Update 25 April 2018321 KB
Community Update 18 April 2018.pdfCommunity Update 18 April 2018432 KB
Community Update 11 April 2018.pdfCommunity Update 11 April 2018638 KB
Community Newsletter April 2018 Ward 2.pdfCommunity Newsletter April 2018 Ward 213957 KB
Community Newsletter April 2018 Ward 3.pdfCommunity Newsletter April 2018 Ward 313863 KB
Community Newsletter April 2018 Ward 1.pdfCommunity Newsletter April 2018 Ward 113539 KB
Community Update 4 April 2018.pdfCommunity Update 4 April 2018362 KB
Community Update 28 March 2018.pdfCommunity Update 28 March 2018374 KB
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