Drainage/ Flooding Advice
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Drainage/ Flooding Advice

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Drainage/ Flooding Advice
Roads, Footpaths & Drains
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For information to assist you with your drainage and flooding enquiries, please view the FAQs, Forms and Fact Sheets below or lodge a request for advice by visiting the Apply for It page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information regarding stormwater drainage-flooding is available?
Enquiries can include but are not limited to:
Drainage :
  • On site detention
  • Wollongong DCP 2009 Chapter E14 Stormwater Management  
  • Development Applications relating to stormwater
  • Stormwater/road design plans request
  • or plans may be viewed with Council officer to assist with enquiry
  • Drainage easements (Council / private)

Flooding :

Create the Online Service Request by completing all the questionnaires and submit for actioning. Please provide as much information as possible: 
  • Contact name and address
  • Address of property in question  
  • what advice or information is required
Request for Flood Information?
You can request the following by selecting the Apply For It button:
  • A property's 10.7 Certificate (Parts 2 and 5),
  • Flood information report or

Visit our catchment strategies section to view completed flood study reports.

You may have a Section 10.7 Certificate that indicates your property is flood affected. You can be referred to an adopted Council flood study (where available) for that specific area within the Local Government area (LGA) to obtain flood level information.


Note Council has historic flood records and/or adopted flood studies for some areas within the LGA.

Council's Drainage Duty Officer will review your request to ensure that it is available as Council does not have flood level information for each property within the LGA. If you have confirmation that the flood study exists, you can complete a Flood level Information request form


For further information see Wollongong City Council Website: Flood Information

Can I build a new dwelling if my property is flood affected?
Development advice may be requested regarding development on flood affected land. Any development on flood affected land refer to the Chapter E13 Floodplain Management of the Wollongong DCP 2009 for relevant information.
You are advised to seek independant advice from a suitably qualified civil engineer.
You can also request to be referred to a Council Drainage Engineer for technical information.


For more information please visit the Building & Development page.

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