Construction Certificate Process
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Construction Certificate Process

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How to Lodge a Construction Certificate

You’re required to apply for a Construction Certificate in order to provide Council with detailed information about the actual structure, materials and finishes that will be used in your project. This information verifies that:

  • construction plans and specifications comply with the relevant Australian standards eg Building Code of Australia
  • the construction plans and specifications are consistent with the development consent
  • all relevant conditions of the development consent are met.

If we’re satisfied your construction details comply with all these requirements, we’ll issue you with a Construction Certificate.


If your proposal complies with the planning controls for your land, you’re encouraged to lodge a combined development/construction certificate application, particularly in the case of simpler applications such as dwellings and pergolas.

Alternatively you can lodge applications for each separate stage of the assessment process. For example Development Application, Construction Certificate application, appointment of the principal certifying authority.

If you choose to lodge your development application separately you will need to obtain a Construction Certificate after you receive development consent and before building work is carried out.

Fast Track

If you’re applying for a stand alone Construction Certificate or combined Development and Construction Certificate application, particularly for simpler applications such as dwellings or pergolas, your application can be fast tracked provided it meets standards predetermined by Council.

If a development meets all of the standards, the turn around times are substantially less than those associated with other Development Applications. Our turnaround times for these types of applications averages less than seven days.

Appointment of a Principal Certifying Authority

After you obtain your Construction Certificate you can appoint Council as your principal certifying authority (PCA). You need to do this at least two days before building work commences.

The PCA is responsible for ensuring building work is carried out in accordance with the development consent and construction certificate or complying development certificate. At completion of works the PCA issues an occupation certificate authorising occupation and use of the building.

Building Inspections

Once you’ve received a Development Consent and Construction Certificate and appointed your Principal Certifying Authority, you have all the necessary approvals to commence works.

Before you commence any building work and at least two days before you intend to commence work you’ll need to notify Council of the appointment of the Principal Certifying Authority.

Council’s building surveyors will carry out inspections at various stages of construction as outlined on the Construction Certificate documentation.

Depending on the type of building work, these inspections may be mandatory inspections under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. This means the PCA must undertake the inspections.

Failure to have a mandatory inspection carried out will result in the PCA not being able to issue the required occupation certificate at the completion of work.

Council's rates are competitive and all inclusive. There are no hidden or extra costs for additional or re-inspections and inspections can be booked up until 9am on the day the inspection is required.

Things You Need to Check Prior to Booking Building Inspections:

  • the form for the appointment of Council as PCA has been sent to Council
  • building inspection fees have been paid
  • for work undertaken by a licensed builder: a copy of the license showing the name, contractor licence number and contact address details has been sent to Council
  • for work undertaken by an owner builder: A copy of the owner builder permit showing the persons name, contact address details and owner-builder permit number has been sent to Council
  • a copy of the Home Owners Warranty insurance certificate has been sent to Council.
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