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Wollongong Local Environmental Plans

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The Local Environment Plan (LEP) controls land use and development in Wollongong.
Local Environmental Plans includes a set of land use zones and provides detailed requirements for development. The LEP also establishes what types of development may be permitted on a particular parcel of land with the permission of Council.
The LEP also identifies heritage items and other planning controls.
There are three Local Environmental Plans that apply to parts of the city:
 1. Wollongong LEP 2009
Applies to the majority of the city (apart from the West Dapto region).
2. Wollongong LEP 1990
Applies to Marshall Mount and parts of Huntley and Yallah.
3. Wollongong LEP No.38 (1984)
Applies to a few properties on Yallah Road at Yallah.
The Wollongong LEP's do not  apply to land at the Port of Port Kembla and the Sandon Point Release Area which have been identified as State Significant Sites and are subject to the NSW Department of Planning Major Development SEPP.
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