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Our qualified fitness professionals and exercise physiologists* are available to design and develop specific programs to help you meet your individual health and fitness needs. They can provide one-on-one or group personal training sessions.

Each client has specific needs, making it necessary to individually tailor exercise intervention programs to their needs. Program design is based on identification of target areas from the initial assessment and in conjunction with advice from allied health professionals associated with the client. The exercise intervention in rehabilitation program aims to strengthen musculature specifically involved in employment tasks and hence enhance functional strength and fitness capabilities.

The exercise physiologists are extensively experienced in musculoskeletal exercise therapy and rehabilitation of injuries sustained as a result of work-related incidents and motor vehicle accidents.

Programs can include:

  • muscular strength and mobility about injury sites
  • correction of muscular imbalances
  • work hardening and conditioning
  • improvements in postural control and awareness
  • joint and girdle stabilisation
  • functional aerobic fitness levels
  • lifestyle education on lifting techniques, exercise practices, dietary habits and stress.

Beaton Park Leisure Centre can provide an exercise intervention program for either private paying clients or compensation cases requiring exercise intervention in rehabilitation. All clients must be referred to Beaton Park’s Exercise Intervention Program from medical or allied health professionals including rehabilitation providers/case managers.

Work site assessment aims to determine functional capacity of clients. It also evaluates employment tasks to determine specific exercises that target the appropriate musculature involved in work-related tasks. The objective is to assist the client in successfully returning to work. A video analysis can be included.

Beaton Park Leisure Centre’s rehabilitation team offers an exercise intervention program with the choice of the following plans:

  • Plan A: an initial assessment and report, supervised sessions, membership, program design and final assessment and report
  • Plan B: all the above plus a work site assessment

* All exercise physiologists are university trained and accredited with the Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science (AAESS) and Workcover accredited.

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