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Social Support

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Page Sections: Centre Based Day Respite | Home Respite | Illawarra Dementia Respite Service | Twilight Tours | Neighbour Aid Service | Retirement Options Program

Our Respite Services are available to help give carers of frail older people, and people with disabilities, the chance to have a break from the responsibilities of full time care.


The Social Support Services aim to enhance the participant's quality of life through friendships, confidence and self esteem in either group or individual programs.

Centre Based Day Respite

Various locations throughout the Wollongong Local Government Area (LGA).

Call (02) 4227 7715

Programs provide social and recreational support to older people and people with a disability who:

  • are socially isolated
  • have low care needs
  • live in the community.

A contribution towards the cost of services is required.

Home Respite


Call (02) 4227 7248

  • flexible respite for carers of people with early stage dementia
  • respite can include outings and in-home care
  • this services provides appropriately-trained volunteers to care for the person with dementia.
  • links to Leisure Carer Client bus outings.

A contribution towards the cost of services is required.

Illawarra Dementia Respite Service


Call (02) 4227 7464 

  • a range of respite options for people who care for a person who has dementia with challenging behaviours
  • care is provided by trained nursing staff
  • available to those in Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama local government areas.

A contribution towards the cost of services is required.

Twilight Tours

Call (02) 4227 7464

  • small group bus outings for people who have dementia and experience restlessness and agitation
  • staffed by two nurses and a trained volunteer driver.

A contribution towards the cost of services is required.

Neighbour Aid Service

Call (02) 4227 7605

Provides companionship and social support for older people, those living with disabilities and their carers. Priority will be given to those living alone with low support needs. Services offered include:

  • in-home companionship - letter writing, reading and conversation
  • community access - going out for lunch or coffee
  • assist with tasks people might find challenging such as getting out to pay a bill
  • Up the Garden Path - low impact works to improve access to the home eg removal of moss on pathways, minimal pruning of plants / shrubs, repairing unstable pathways (Client contribution of 10 per cent of total service fee is required).

Retirement Options Program

 Call (02) 4227 7125

Supporting people over 55 who have a long term disability and are transitioning from supported employment into retirement.

  • support tailored to individual needs
  • trained volunteer or worker to assist participants to access affordable community leisure activities
  • monthly bus outing
  • priority given to those with ageing carers.

A contribution towards the cost of services is required.

Respite and Relaxation for Carers

Call (02) 4227 7128

  • ongoing regular respite for carers of frail, older people and people with disabilities
  • respite provided by volunteers or a brokered nursing service, depending on the level of care required
  • volunteers and relief staff offer in-home companionship for clients, to go for outings such as coffee, lunch and the movies, or to go for a walk or for a drive
  • monthly group bus outing

A contribution towards the cost of services is required.

Dementia Respite Options Program

Call (02) 4227 7248

  • provides up to 52 hours of respite in a home-like environment which is safe and secure

A contribution towards the cost of services is required.

Enquiries can be made to the Coordinator on (02) 4227 7125.


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