Medical Waste Disposal
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Medical Waste Disposal

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Page sections: Return Unwanted Medicines (RUM) Program | Safe Syringe Disposal | Medical Waste Disposal

Return Unwanted Medicines (RUM) Program   

Each year it's estimated at least 200 tonnes of medicine - enough to fill 850 wheely bins - are thrown away or inappropriately disposed of. Many of these medicines contain chemicals that can harm the environment if they reach waterways.

You can help protect the environment, and look after your health, through the Return Unwanted Medicines or RUM program. The NSW Government-funded program encourages people to take their old and unwanted medicines to any pharmacy for safe disposal.


Safe Syringe Disposal

To reduce the risk of harm to others as well as to our environment, DO NOT put sharps in your household waste, recycling bin or public litter bin.

DO use:

  • an Australian Standard Sharps container
  • a puncture resistant plastic container with a screw top lid (not plastic soft-drink or water bottles, glass or tin)
  • a community sharps bin in a public toilet, at a public hospital, participating pharmacy or other disposal facility

To locate your nearest Community Sharps disposal facility visit:  To get more information visit: or call Diabetes NSW on 1300 342 238.


Medical Waste Disposal

Council has a specific exemption under the Fees and Charges Policy that allows for Peritoneal Kidney Dialysis patients to apply for a 240 litre garbage bin for the same price as a 120 litre bin. Please contact the Remondis Harbour Cities Team or Council regarding eligibility and application forms.

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