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Recycling Collections

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Recycling over the Christmas period

If you have excess recyclables such as wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, glass bottles etc. remember you can drop them off for free at Wollongong Waste & Resource Recovery Park. You can also drop off any old and unwanted TV's or computers for free.  Recyclables need to be sorted by material type.  

The Wollongong Waste & Resource Recovery Park is closed on Christmas day only. 

Yellow top recycling bins are collected fortnightly. If you want to know what bin to put out, just check the Waste Calendar links on the right of this page.

Handy hints for recycling

  • Rinse all cans, bottles and plastic containers
  • Remove all lids
  • Crush all bulky items to make more space
  • Place items loosely in the bin
  • Make sure the lid closes and no items stick out

If your recycle bin is full, there are a couple of options. You can

  • Bring your extra recyclables to our waste disposal depots free of charge
  • Arrange for a second recycling bin by calling our Customer Service team
  • Store the items until your bin has been emptied
  • Or, ask your neighbour if they've room in their recycling bin

Your recycling service

The following items belong in your yellow lid recycling bin

  • paper, newspapers, magazines, advertising leaflets and telephone books
  • flattened cardboard boxes and packaging
  • pizza boxes
  • glass bottles and jars (all colours)
  • all rigid plastic bottles and containers
  • aluminium cans
  • clean aluminium foil and foil trays
  • milk and juice cartons (remove lids)
  • steel cans including empty aerosol cans (remove nozzle), clean and empty paint, food and petfood cans.

Items that don't belong in your yellow lid recycling bin

  • Plastic bags or general rubbish. This includes shrink wrap or soft plastic
  • Nappies
  • Shredded paper
  • Ceramics, crockery, china or Pyrex cookware
  • Mirrors or sheet glass 
  • Long-life cartons or tetra packs - they're the ones with foil liners
  • Waxed paper and waxed cardboard cartons
  • Foam including packing, styrofoam, polystyrene or plastic coated paper eg. cereal bags
  • Garden hoses, green waste, soil or rocks
  • Syringes, pharmaceuticals or medical waste that contains body tissue or fluids
  • Building or demolition waste
  • Fruit and vegetable scraps. These can be used in a worm farm or compost.
  • Clothes or shoes
  • Toys or non-recyclable plastics.

Containers or cans containing liquid paints and oils, or pesticides, poisons, pool chemicals and the like can be taken to one Council's annual chemical collections. They're free. For more information, click here.

Televisions and computers can be left out for pick up as part of Council's On-Call Household Cleanup Service. For more information, click here. They can also be taken to Council's Wollongong Waste and Resource Recovery Park.  A fee does apply.

Scrap metal can be taken to to Council's Wollongong Waste and Resource Recovery Park for recycling. This service is free.

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