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Garbage Waste Collections
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Change your garbage bin size

Save money and help the environment by reducing the size of your household waste bin. You can choose between three sizes:

  • 80 litre
  • 120 litre
  • 240 litre.

By choosing the 80 litre bin instead of the largest 240 litre bin, householders can save more than $380 on their annual waste levy.

If you want to change the size of your waste bin, complete an Application for Change of Waste Bin Size Form.  If you are choosing to increase the size of your waste bin, please return the form with a payment of $57.50. There is no fee to decrease the size of your waste bin.
Only property owners can request to change the size of their red lid garbage bin. If you rent the premises, you'll need to contact the managing agent or the owner to discuss a bin size change.

For more information, please contact the Waste Hotline on 1300 362 360.

Additional bin

Households in Wollongong can request an additional red lid garbage bin. Conditions apply. These conditions are outlined in the Process for Additional Bin document found in the Forms and Factsheets section below.

To obtain an additional bin, please contact the Waste Hotline on 1300 362 360.  What happens when my bin is:

Bin not emptied?

If there is a sticker on the bin it means there was a problem and our contractor couldn't collect it. The sticker will indicate why it was not collected. Common reasons include contamination and incorrect placement. Make the necessary changes, and your bin will be ready for your next allocated collection day.

If there is no sticker on your bin please contact the Waste Hotline on 1300 362 360 and we will arrange a collection by the end of the following working day.

Stolen or lost bin?

Contact the Waste Hotline on 1300 362 360 and we'll arrange our contractors to deliver a free replacement bin to your home within three working days.

Damaged bin?

Whether your bin is split down the side, its handle broken or a wheel has fallen off, our contractors can fix it. Call the Waste Hotline on 1300 362 360 and we'll arrange for someone to visit your home to repair or replace the bin. Bins are repaired or replaced within five working days. This is a free service.

Just be sure to put the bin in a visible spot that's easily reached, but not on the footpath.

Moving address

Don't take your bins with you.

If you're moving to a new place, call the Waste Hotline on 1300 362 360 to organise the delivery of your new bins.

If you're moving to an existing premises and the bins are missing, call the Waste Hotline on 1300 362 360 to organise new bins to be delivered.

Rubbish Collection from Public Land

If you've come across a large amount of rubbish dumped on Public Land, complete an Online Service Request so Council can arrange for the waste to be collected.

If you can identify the dumper/s please include this information in your request along with the rubbish location, type of rubbish and your contact details.

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