Chickens, Pigs, Pigeons and More
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Chickens, Pigs, Pigeons and More

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Cats and dogs aren't the only animals that make great pets. Here you'll find information on things like chicken and bee keeping...



There's nothing quite like homemade honey and with the world's bee population under threat, it's good to know you can keep bee colonies in your backyard. In fact, NSW Agriculture says the average backyard can have two or three hives. There are rules you'll need to follow and they're outlined on the NSW Primary Industries website.

For more information visit



If you've got a problem with a swarm of bees, contact the Illawarra Beekeepers Association.


In recent years, the popularity of chickens as a backyard pet has skyrocketed. People are drawn to the feathered fowl for their eggs - and as a great way of using up household scraps.

If you're thinking of having chickens in your backyard, there are certain rules and regulations you need to follow. For more information, check out our Chickens in your Backyard page.


Pigeons can be kept in residential backyards. However, a development application must be submitted with information on the number of birds and a report from the South Coast Pigeon Federation of NSW.

The applicant also must be a registered member of a pigeon racing or pigeon fanciers association.


Pigs are not allowed in suburban backyards.

For more information, contact Council.

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