Helensburgh Waste Depot Rehabilitation
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Helensburgh Waste Depot Rehabilitation

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When the Helensburgh Waste Depot was closed in 2012, Council commenced a process to rehabilitate the site, as part of its commitment to environmental sustainability and enhancement of local community amenity. 

Council will implement best practice rehabilitation techniques to ensure the long term environmental sustainability of the site.

What works are planned to rehabilitate this former Waste Depot?

The planned works will include:

  • The re-working of some existing slopes and some levelling of the site requiring the movement of some waste.
  • Transportation of specific and fit-for-purpose earth materials to the site to assist with the rehabilitation process.
  • Ongoing environmental monitoring of the site prior to, during, and following rehabilitation works.

The site will be 'capped' to manage any potential environmental impacts from the former use of this site. The 'cap' design selected has taken into account several factors, including the types and concentrations of contaminants present, the size of the site and the amount of rainfall the area receives.

Proposed hours of construction will be 7am - 5pm Monday to Friday and 8.15am - 1pm on Saturday. Some works may need to occur outside these hours depending upon project-specific requirements. Construction will not occur on Sundays and public holidays.

When will the works start and how long will it take?

Council commenced community notification in early 2014 to provide information about the logistics of the project.

Some preparation works have commenced including environmental monitoring and stockpiling of some materials to be used as part of rehabilitation works. It is anticipated that construction will commence in 2019. Council will be able to confirm this timing once feedback from project construction tenderers is made available and the works program is finalised.

How will these works impact me?

Some temporary inconvenience to nearby residents is anticipated during operational hours for the duration of the project:

  • The movement of waste may cause temporary odour issues. However, the waste will be covered by at least 150mm of clean soil at the end of each day.
  • Movement of machinery onsite during the project has the potential to cause noise and dust impacts to nearby residents.
  • Transporting selected earth materials to the site will require heavy vehicle movements during operational hours along Parkes Road into Halls Road and Nixon Place.

What happens next?

Council will notify the community before the project is tendered, as well as before construction commences, and keep you up to date throughout the project via our website and direct communication where appropriate.

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