Grand Pacific Walk
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Grand Pacific Walk

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Wollongong City Council is working to create a pathway along our coastline, from the Royal National Park to Lake Illawarra. 

The proposed path – dubbed the Grand Pacific Walk – will run parallel to the Grand Pacific Drive route, and will be a great asset for our community, linking suburbs in our north with those in our south.

This is a long term project, with new sections proposed to connect with the existing footpaths and shared pathways. It will showcase our natural features - the escarpment and the sea - and will be enjoyed by locals as well as visitors. By creating wider paths where possible, separated from vehicle traffic, the Grand Pacific Walk will provide a safer route for pedestrians and, where sufficient width is available, cyclists.

The Grand Pacific Walk links into our goals as part of the Wollongong 2022 Community Strategic Plan. It helps us create a ‘healthy community in a liveable city', and to have 'sustainable, affordable and accessible transport'. The project also addresses our Delivery Program 2012-17 goal to 'improve the connectivity of the Local Government Area through the upgrade of our network of footpaths and cycleways'. 

The Grand Pacific Walk Stage 1 project is proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Wollongong City Council.


The Grand Pacific Walk Masterplan

To guide this project, we developed a Masterplan that was exhibited from 25 November 2013 to 10 February 2014 and endorsed by Council July 2014.  The key information it included was:
  • A site analysis of the entire route
  • Consultation with the community through site kiosks, focus groups, and online
  • Pedestrian and cyclist surveys along the entire route
  • A Safety Audit of roadside conditions in the northern part of the route
  • An Economic Impact Assessment of the proposed project.
The Masterplan provides a unified design approach, and included the following proposals:
  • Provide ‘missing links’ between existing shareway and footway segments
  • Construct viewing and seating areas in suitable locations
  • Develop signage along the route
  • Include place-making features such as heritage interpretation and art where possible
  • Formalise carparks near the shared pathway network.

Stage 1 Concept Plan: Stanwell Park to Coalcliff

​Stage One of the project stretches from Stoney Creek Bridge, Coalcliff, to Station Street in Stanwell Park – a distance of approximately 2.8km. We’re starting with this area as it currently has no pathways.  This section of the Grand Pacific Walk route is challenging, with steep and sometimes unstable land, narrow roads and a lack of provisions for pedestrians and cyclists. Providing safe access along this part of the route is considered a high priority by Council.  As Lawrence Hargrave Drive is an RMS controlled road, all proposed work and the timing of construction is subject to that organisation’s approval.
The Stage One Concept Plans included sections of both on-ground and elevated shareway, on-street linemarking, and a new connection from the southern end of Lower Coast Road to Lawrence Hargrave Drive at Stanwell Park.  Stage One has been divided up into 4 Sections:
  1. Stoney Creek to Coalcliff Station
  2. Coalcliff Station to Lower Coast Road
  3. Lower Coast Road / Murrawal Road to Lawrence Hargrave Drive
  4. Murrawal Road / Lawrence Hargrave Drive to Station Street in Stanwell Park.

Above: Part of Grand Pacific Walk Stage 1, present day (left) and artist's impression of completed work (right).

Current Works

​Impact of Bulli Pass Closure

RMS is closing Bulli Pass for two months from 4 October 2016, and again from late April 2017, to construct rockfall fencing. RMS has advised Council that Lawrence Hargrave Drive is to be used as one of the nominated detours during these closures.

This means that Council is not able to obtain approval from RMS to undertake work on the GPW along Lawrence Hargrave Drive while Bulli Pass is closed. This will delay the start of works to Section 1, Section 2 and Section 4 until Bulli Pass is reopened to traffic in mid-2017. Consultation for Section 3 is currently underway. 

Section 1 - Stoney Creek to Coalcliff Station

Design and approval work is being finalised to upgrade the existing asphalt path behind the vehicle barrier leading up the steep slope from Stoney Creek Bridge to the new works opposite Coalcliff Station. Due to the planned closures of Bulli Pass, construction on this section will commence mid-2017.

Section 2 - Coalcliff Station to Lower Coast Road

A new pathway is in the final stages of design and approval to create a safe route for pedestrians from Coalcliff Station to the spectacular outlook at the southern end of Lower Coast Road.  This section of the GPW is one of the most important, as there is no current pathway linking these two locations – these proposed works will provide the missing link in the northern part of the overall project.  Once complete, residents and visitors will be able to safely walk from Stanwell Park to Paterson Road Coalcliff, then over the Seacliff Bridge, and onwards to the rest of our magnificent coastline. 
This is the most challenging of the sections to be built and will involve the creation of a pathway area on the east side of Lawrence Hargrave Drive that will entail major earthworks, the construction of a boardwalk following the east side of the road, and a new connection up to the outlook at the southern end of Lower Coast Road. Due to the planned closures of Bulli Pass, construction on this section is due to start in February 2017, with the major works commencing mid-2017.

Section 3 - Lower Coast Road / Murrawal Road to Lawrence Hargrave Drive

This section will provide a new footway on the eastern side of Murrawal Road, and on-road cylcleway in this low traffic street.  This will link the outlook point at the southern end of Lower Coast Road to the intersection of Murrawal Road and Lawrence Hargrave Drive.  We're currently talking with the community about the proposal.

Section 4 - Murrawal Road to Station Street Stanwell Park

The existing asphalt pathway behind the vehicle barrier will be upgraded and a new pathway constructed through to the shops on the corner of the upper Lawrence Hargrave Drive and Lower Coast Road.  The GPW will then cross the road on a new pedestrian crossing and lead through the old road formation to the junction of Station Street and Lawrence Hargrave Drive, at the eastern end of the pedestrian bridge that connects to Railway Crescent. Due to planned closures of Bulli Pass, construction on this section will commence mid-2017.

Completed Works

​Coalcliff Station Precinct Pedestrian Safety Improvements and busbay

Works to improve pedestrian safety on the street frontage of the Coalcliff Station precinct were carried out in 2015.  Wide footpaths, a new bus bay, and a pedestrian refuge were constructed on Lawrence Hargrave Drive, and sight lines improved by reducing the sharp curve of the road. The new footpaths now connect the existing narrow pedestrian way leading up the hill from Stoney Creek, to the carpark at Tom and Norma Rest Area.

Stoney Creek Bridge

Stage One was commenced in a substantial manner with the construction of the Stoney Creek pedestrian bridge in 2014.  The bridge provides an important safe connection for pedestrians and cyclists from Paterson Road Coalcliff to the existing pedestrian footway that leads up the hill to Coalcliff Station.
Below: Construction of Stoney Creek Bridge, 2014

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