West Dapto Access Strategy
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West Dapto Access Strategy

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West Dapto Access Strategy

For some time we’ve been working with the community and government agencies on a plan that will make getting to and from West Dapto easier for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

This isn’t an overnight makeover, but a complex, long term project. Already a great deal of work has been done on upgrading existing road links, and improving transport connections between Kembla Grange, Wongawilli, Huntley, and Horsley – to name just a few suburbs. 
While a lot has already happened, we’ve still got some way to go. The current road improvements are all part of a larger strategy that is focused on reducing congestion, increasing access during heavy rains and improving the links this area has to the wider road network. The map below provides more details.
For the latest information, including regular updates on road improvements in and around West Dapto keep coming back to this page or follow Council on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
You can also find out more about the growth of this area on our Planning For West Dapto page.
This project is proudly funded by the Australian Government in association with the NSW Government and Wollongong City Council.
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Fowlers Road to Fairwater Drive

This project will provide a vital connection from suburbs of West Dapto to Dapto Town Centre, the Princes Highway and the M1, and will be completed in stages. Stage 1A of the Fowlers Rd to Fairwater Drive link has been completed. Work on Stage 1B is ongoing. Stages 1C and 1D are expected to start in early 2018. Work on Stage 2 is expected to start in mid-2018. Detailed design will be completed in 2017 for the remainder of the works. For more details, please see the Fowlers Road to Fairwater Drive section below, or read our FAQs 

Here's the latest update on this project:

Sections of Wongawilli and West Dapto Roads

Concept designs have been developed for Wongawilli and West Dapto Roads, and we've been talking with the community about proposed work in this area.

Council has also  welcomed funding assistance for work on Wongawilli Road through the NSW Government's Resources for Regions program.

For more information, see the Wongwilli and West Dapto Roads section below.​​​​​​​​



Refer to location 1 on the West Dapto Access Strategy map.

Fowlers Road has been extended to Marshall Street increasing connectivity and decreasing congestion. This includes a roundabout at the intersection of Fowlers Road and Marshall Street, and the installation of traffic lights at the Fowlers Road and Princes Highway intersection.

The project was funded by the State Government's Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF). Works were completed in 2012.



Refer to location 2 on the West Dapto Access Strategy map.

West Dapto Road and the Princes Highway now meet at a four-way intersection which includes access to the Illawarra Turf Club. The intersection has traffic lights and a left hand turn lane from West Dapto Road. The project also included a new shared path, providing a vital link from Dapto to Berkeley.

The project was funded by the State Government's Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF). Works were completed in 2014.


​Refer to location 3 on the West Dapto Access Strategy map. 


Stage 1: The single lane bridge on Shone Avenue was replaced with a wider bridge allowing the flow of two-way traffic. The bridge was raised approximately 2.7 metres, making Shone Avenue more accessible during periods of heavy rain. The alignment of the road was changed which improved lines of sight and increased safety. Shared paths were constructed on both sides of the road providing improved safety and amenity for cyclists and pedestrians. The project was funded by the Federal Governments Building Better Regional Cities Program (BBRCP). Works were completed in 2014.

Stage 2: The culvert on Shone Avenue was replaced with a four lane bridge. The bridge is at a higher level, removing the dip that was in the road previously. The bridge allows better access during periods of heavy rain and flooding. The works also included kerb and guttering and extension of the shared path.

The project was funded by the Australian Government's Building Better Regional Cities Programme (BBRCP). Works were completed in 2015, earlier than anticipated.

We've also put together a time lapse video of the Stage 2 works:


Refer to location 4 on the West Dapto Access Strategy map.

Fairwater Drive has been extended from Highcroft Boulevard to Bong Bong Road and from Sierra Drive to Cleveland Road. The new section of road has been named Daisy Bank Drive. The road provides an alternative link from Horsley to the Princes Highway. Shared paths are provided along the length of Fairwater Drive, providing cyclist and pedestrian access to Dapto High School.

The project also included the construction of a through road in front of Dapto Primary School. The road creates separation between through traffic on Fairwater Drive, traffic associated with student pick up and drop off, and residents of Sierra Drive and surrounds.

The project was funded by the State Government's Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF). Works were completed in 2011.


Refer to location 5 on the West Dapto Access Strategy map.

A number of safety measures have been implemented including traffic lights at the intersection of Cleveland Road and Marshall Streets, establishing ‘No Right Turn’ into Marshall Street from Cleveland Road, and construction of a median strip from Mullet Creek bridge to Western Avenue.

New and wider footpaths and a pedestrian safety fence have also been constructed from the rail bridge to the Princes Highway to provide better access for school students and pedestrians.

The single lane bridge over Mullet Creek was replaced with a higher two lane bridge providing increased access during periods of heavy rain. A roundabout, a ‘kiss and drop zone’ (car park) and new school bus zone were also constructed.

The project was funded by the State Government's Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF). Works were completed in 2014.


Refer to location 6 on the West Dapto Access Strategy map.

The first stage of the proposed upgrade will be located on Wongawilli Road, from Wongawilli Community Hall (pictured above) to Shone Avenue. The upgrade involves widening Wongawilli Road to four lanes.  Initially, only two of the four lanes will be used by traffic, with the outside lanes allocated to parking. When future traffic volumes require it, the outside lanes will be opened to traffic.

In late 2014, we asked for community feedback on a draft concept plan for the upgrade of Wongawilli and West Dapto Roads. Your comments influenced the development of a Concept Plan, which was also put to the community for comment in 2016. The Detailed Design for this project is on exhibition until 15 December 2017​.  

Overall, the plan aims to provide safer access for pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic, which is anticipated to substantially increase in line with development in the area, and improve the reliability of existing links during heavy rain and flooding. These roads are being designed to remain accessible in a 1 in 100 year flood event. 

Funding for this project has come from developer contributions under the West Dapto ( Section 96) Development Contributions Plan, a Federal Government grant, through the Building Better Regional Cities, and the NSW Restart Resources for Regions program.


​Refer to location 7 on the West Dapto Access Strategy map.



Click image above to view larger PDF of timeline [170 KB]

Council worked closely with community members and service providers to establish the preferred option for creating new link road in West Dapto.
The proposed new link will cover a distance of approximately 1.3km and provide a flood reliable access route. The project involves construction of a four-lane road, a shared path along the side of the road and two large bridges.  The first bridge will cross the South Coast Rail Line. The second bridge will cross Mullet Creek and the floodplain.
A draft concept design was exhibited in late 2015, with a variety of feedback being received from the community. Council considered this feedback and refined the design.
This project will be completed in stages. Council accepted a $5.17 million tender for Abergeldie Constructions for Stage 1A of the link road. Work on Stage 1A of the Fowlers Rd to Fairwater Drive link has been completed. Work on Stage 1B is ongoing. We expect to start work on Stages 1C and 1D in early 2018. Work on Stage 2 is expected to begin in mid-2018. The upgrades will increase safety, improve amenity for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, and provide better access during flood events.
In addition to funds provided by Council, initial funding for this project has been secured from the Australian Government’s National Stronger Regions Fund; the NSW Government - Infrastructure NSW’s Restart NSW Illawarra Infrastructure Fund; the NSW Government - Office of Local Government’s Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme; and a Design Grant from NSW Government - Department of Planning and Infrastructure.
For more information about this project, check out the information below:


​Council is planning for the current and future development of West Dapto. The area is located 12km south of Wollongong and covers approximately 4700 hectares.

Over the coming decades West Dapto will grow to accommodate approximately 17,000 more dwellings with the population expected to increase by 50 000. To cater for the growth Council has developed some key governing documents.

These include:

You'll also find more information on our West Dapto Urban Release Area page.

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