Planning for West Dapto
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Planning for West Dapto

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 ​​West Dapto is the Illawarra region’s largest urban release area. West Dapto will grow and develop a​s a series of integrated communities within the spectacular natural landscape of riparian valleys and escarpment backdrop. When complete, the development will include approximately 19,000 new dwellings, over 50,000 people and create around 8,500 jobs.

New infrastructure will be require​d to support this growth and to address a wide range of issues including flooding, transport, social, cultural and recreation needs, and facilities and open space.

Three new town centres and a number of smaller village centres will be established in the suburbs of West Dapto. The Dapto Town Centre will grow to a sub-regional centre to serve the needs of existing and future residents.

West Dapto Vision 2018

The West Dapto Vision 2018 has been prepared to set the strategic vision and directions to guide the development of the release area over the next 30 to 40 years. Using the knowledge accumulated over the past 10 years, Council has prepared the West Dapto Vision 2018 document, including Planning Principles and Structure Plan. It includes an overview of the history of the urban release and an update on the progress so far before it sets out a number of Planning principles and a revised Structure Plan 2018.

Planning principles outline desired outcomes for an urban release area and support and explain the decision processes for the urban the land uses. A Structure Plan guides the future strategic direction of an urban release area and takes into account considerations such as town centres, buildings, open spaces, land uses, activities and transport.

The West Dapto Vision 2018 was developed in consultation with the community during 2018. It was adopted by Council on the 10 December 2018 to set the strategic directions, be used to guide decision making, and implemented into the policy setting for the release area.​

The release area is divided into five stages. Stages 1 & 2 in the north of the release area were rezoned in 2010 and include a mixture of industrial, commercial, residential and environmental protections areas. Stages 3 & 4 are currently subject of further review and are not zoned for urban development.

Stage 5, also known as Yallah Marshall Mount was zoned for urban development in June 2018. Development in stage 1, 2 and 5 will be subject to the Neighbourhood planning process discussed in the next section.  ​

Map of West Dapto Release Stages

View the West Dapto Vision 2018

The Planning Process

Before development can take place in West Dapto it must first be zoned for development. Stages 3, 4 are not yet zoned for development. If land is not zoned for development a planning proposal is required. Planning Proposals in West Dapto will only be considered in consultation with Council's Land Use Planning and Urban Release teams.

The next step after the rezoning is a Neighbourhood Plan, which is essentially a master plan. Neighbourhood Plans must be prepar​ed in consultation with Council's Urban Release and Land Use Planning teams.

After a Neighbourhood Plan is adopted by Council a property owner can then apply to subdivide and develop the land. Generally, land is subdivided first and a separate development application is required for a house or retail premise.​

Planning documents which support the West Dapto Urban Release Area include:

  • Wollongong Local Environmental Plan (LEP)

  • Wollongong Development Control Plan (DCP)

  • West Dapto Section 94 Development Contributions Plan

More information on each of these Plans is available below.

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Wollongong LEP

​The Wollongong Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is a legal document that guides and controls development in the Wollongong Local Government Area. The LEP contains zonings and development standards such as heights, density, lot size and permissible uses. This allows council and other consent author​ities to manage the ways in which land is used. The Wollongong LEP outlines what a landowner can or c​annot do with their land and considers the protection of heritage and environmentally sensitive areas.

View a copy of the current Wollongong LEP (2009).

Wollongong DCP

A Development Control Plan (DCP) provides detailed planning and design guidelines to support the planning standards in the Local Environment Plan (LEP). The Wollongong DCP 2009 outlines planning controls specific to West Dapto in Chapter D16 including Neighbourhood Plans. W​ithout a Neighbourhood Plan development applications cannot be lodged.

View the current Wollongong DCP.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is the step between the W​est Dapto Masterplan and a Development Application.

Neighbourhood Plans are, in essence, mini-master plans for a particular neighbourhood, precinct or catchment in the West Dapto Urban Release Area.

Neighbourhood Plans typically illustrate the structure of a future neighbourhood, showing how many residential lots are expected to be delivered, road layouts, areas of parklands and public open space, shops/businesses and community facilities as well as areas of environmentally sensitive land and potential methods for protection of such land.​

West Dapto Infrastructure - Section 94 Plan

Adoption of West Dapto Section 94 Development Contributions Plan 2017

Council on 11 December 2017 approved the adoption and finalisation of the updated West Dapto Section 94 Plan 2017. The updated Plan incorporates changes following advice from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) regarding their review of the draft Plan and ​Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal's (IPART) Assessment of the Plan, along with some minor document improvements.

DPE has advised that Council, with this Contributions Plan, will be able to claim Local Infrastructure Growth Scheme (LIGS) funding for Development Approvals granted from 17 September 2017 onwards. This approval in relation to LIGS funding also gives Council permission to apply the contributions rates outlined in the Department's Circular PS 17-002 for 27 July 2017. The DPE Circular includes details of the incremental increase to the capped amount of contributions applied to developments currently held at $30,000 per lot/dwelling, to increase to $35,000 per lot/dwelling on 1 January 2018.

The West Dapto Section 94 Development Contributions Plan 2017 came into effect on 18 December 2017.

Exhibition of proposed minor amendments to the West Dapto Development Contributions Plan (2017)

Minor amendments to the West Dapto Development Contributions Plan (2017) are proposed to bring the plan up to date with recent changes in state policy and legislation. You can view the proposed changes and comment on the Draft Plan before it is adopted on Council's Have Your Say site. Feedback closes on Friday 5 July 2019. 

West Dapto Team

In recognition of the significance of the West Dapto Urban Release Area, Council established a team dedicated to progressing the project.

The team includes:

  • Project Manager
  • Strategic Planning Officer
  • Traffic Engineer
  • Flood Enginee​r
  • Design Project Manager

The team can be contacted by calling customer service on (02) 4227 7111.

West Dapto Access Strategy

​​​For some time we’ve been working with the community and government agencies on a plan that will make getting to and from West Dapto easier for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. This isn’t an overnight makeover, but a complex, long term project. Already a great deal of work has been done on upgrading existing road links, and improving transport connections. The current road improvements are all part of a larger strategy focused on reducing congestion, increasing access during heavy rains and improving the links the area has to the wider road network. For more information visit the West Dapto Access Strategy page​.

Works by Private Developers

​A range of works is being undertaken by private develop​ers in the Horsley, Kembla Grange and Wongawilli areas. Here are the relevant contact details if you'd like further information.

  • Alkira Estate - Shone Avenue - DA – 2010/1350/A
    • Developer: Grindley Properties - (02) 9988 3811
    • Project Manager: Menai Civil - (02) 9602 2222
    • Contractor: Menai Civil - (02) 9602 2222
  • Brooks Reach North - Bong Bong Road - DA – 2013/207
    • Developer: Stocklands - (02) 9035 2000
    • Project Manager: Hyder Consulting - (02) 8907 9000
    • Contractor: Menai Civil - (02) 9602 2222
  • Ridge Park - 105 Darkes Road - DA 2014/185
    • Developer: Bluprint Developments Pty Ltd
    • Project Manager: Craig & Rhodes - (02) 9869 1855
    • Contractor: Menai Civil - (02) 9602 2222
  • Vista Park - Wongawilli - DA 2011/478
    • Developer: Sheargold - (02) 9939 7566
    • Project Manager: Cardno Wollongong - (02) 4228 4133
    • Contractor: Menai Civil - (02) 9602 2222
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