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School Competition for 2017

'Compost, weapon of mass reduction'.


As part of Council's International Compost Awareness Week celebrations, we invited schools across the Wollongong Local Government Area to enter their school grown compost to find out which school produces the best compost.

This year's competition was won by Mount St Thomas Public School.

The School hadn't composted for a few years, and this year they started composting their own waste, as well as some from a local shop and some family homes. It really was a community effort and the children learnt so much about their environment.
Compost is not only a weapon of mass reduction when it comes to food scraps and garden waste, but also an amazing educational tool. We tested the entries for water holding capacity, temperature, and pH, creatures (Micro and Macro) and then grew seedlings in them.
Mount St Thomas Public School’s compost drained freely while still maintaining moisture, indicating well broken-down compost with good pore size, and even organic matter. The temperature was 24 degrees C which indicated there was still some bacterial activity, but with a perfect pH of 7 we knew the compost had finished breaking down.
Well done everyone!


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