Minnegang Creek Catchment
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Minnegang Creek Catchment

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Catchment Area: Lake Heights

Waterways: Minnegang Creek

This catchment has experienced a number of major floods, the most recent in August 1998 which resulted in extensive damage to both public and private property.

Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd was engaged to prepare a Flood Study, Floodplain Risk Management Study and Floodplain Risk Management Plan for this catchment area. The Flood Study was completed in October 2002, the Floodplain Risk Management Study and Floodplain Risk Management Plan were completed in January 2004.

Study Documents Explained:

  • Flood Study: defines the nature of the flood risk in the catchment area
  • Floodplain Risk Management Study: identifies measures to reduce flood risk and the impacts of flooding on the community 
  • Floodplain Risk Management Plan: outlines recommended measures to best address the existing, future and continuing flood problems in the area and includes guidelines for all future developments in the area
  • Implementation of Mitigation Works: explains what measures we have implemented so far

These studies were jointly funded by Council and the NSW State Government.

Implementation of Flood Mitigation Works To Date

Spillway for Barina Park Detention Basin and Channel from Barina Park to Minnegang Creek

This project involves the construction of basin spillway and provision of flow path downstream of the Barina Park Basin.

An overland flow path to convey flows from downstream of the detention basin to the start of the open section of Minnegang Creek, downstream of Weringa Avenue, is the key requirement in alleviating flooding problems in this zone. Flows for the 1-in-5-year event and larger spill over the embankment of the detention basin and therefore must be directed to Minnegang Creek along a defined flow path.

A detailed design for the Barina Park Spillway and overland flow path has been completed. 
Implemetation of this cannot occur untill all the properties marked for voluntary purchase in the Floodplain Risk Management Plan (FRMP) have occurred.

Voluntary Purchase

Under the Minnegang Creek Floodplain Risk Management Plan (FRMP), six properties were earmarked for voluntary purchase. To date, two properties at Weringa Avenue have been purchased and demolished. The implementation of further work is dependent on the Federal and State Governments' funding.


Minnegang Creek Catchment Map.pdfMinnegang Creek Catchment Map450 KB
Minnegang Creek Flood Study Report.pdfMinnegang Creek Flood Study Report6407 KB
Minnegang Creek Floodplain Risk Management Study Report.pdfMinnegang Creek Floodplain Risk Management Study Report3472 KB
Minnegang Creek Floodplain Risk Management Plan Report.pdfMinnegang Creek Floodplain Risk Management Plan Report4299 KB
Minnegang Creek Flood Risk Precinct Map.pdfMinnegang Creek Flood Risk Precinct Map2588 KB
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