Mullet Creek Catchment
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Mullet Creek Catchment

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Catchment Area: Farmborough Heights, Dombarton, Kembla Grange, Wongawilli, Brownsville, Horsley, Kanahooka, Huntley, Cleveland, Dapto and Avondale

Waterways: Mullet Creek, Robins Creek, Reed Creek, Forest Creek, Dapto Creek

The Mullet Creek catchment has experienced a number of major floods, the most significant being at Dapto in February 1984, which at the time had the highest ever recorded daily rainfall experienced in New South Wales.

In early 2010, Council completed a Flood Study and Floodplain Risk Management Plan for the Mullet and Brooks Creeks catchments.

In late 2011, Council completed an extension of the Mullet Creek Flood Model.

More recently, Council completed a review of the Flood Study and extension model for the Mullet Creek catchment only, to provide greater detail of flood behaviour in the catchment. The more detailed modelling takes into account better quality ground level survey, updated development information and Council's revised Conduit Blockage factors. The latest report is called the Mullet Creek Flood Model Update and can be found in the documents below.

This report will be used to update technical data relating to the nature and extent of flooding in the catchment, and will guide the upcoming Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan, which will begin in September 2018. The first task will include updating the flood model baesd on the new national rainfall guidelines. 

The review of the upcoming Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan will be overseen by the Southern Floodplain Risk Management Committee.

Study Documents Explained

  • Flood Study: defines the nature and extent of existing flooding in the catchment area.
  • Floodplain Risk Management Study: identifies measures to reduce flood risk and the impacts of flooding on the community. 
  • Floodplain Risk Management Plan: outlines recommended measures to best address the existing, future and continuing flood problems in the area; includes guidelines for all future developments in the area.

Mullet and Brooks Creek Planning Matrix

Council has adopted a planning matrix for the Mullet and Brooks Creek catchment. The planning matrix was created as part of the Mullet and Brooks Creeks Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan (2010) and can be found in the attached documents. The matrix considers the range of land uses, and the potential risk to flooding, within the floodplain up to the level of the Probable Maximum Flood. Using this approach, a matrix of development controls, based on the flood exposure and the land use, has been developed that balances the risk of exposure across the floodplain.

If you are developing in this catchment, you will need to refer to this matrix to ensure that Council’s requirements with respect to floodplain management are understood and met. 

Implementation of Mitigation Works to Date

Kanahooka Road Drainage Improvements

This project involves the installation of a flap gate on a pipe below Kanahooka Road south of the roundabout and other minor drainage works to reduce flooding of nearby dwellings. The design of these works are currently underway. Works are estimated to begin in the 2018/19 financial year.

Fowlers Road to Fairwater Drive Flood Reliable Access

This project involves the design and construction of a flood reliable access route between the suburbs of West Dapto, Dapto town centre, the Princes Highway and the M1 Princes Motorway. 

The proposed new link will cover a distance of approximately 1.3km and involves construction of a four-lane road, a shared path along the side of the road and two large bridges. 

The project will be completed in stages. Construction on several stages have already begun, with an anticipated completion in 2020.  

The completed project will increase safety, improve amenity for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, and provide better access during flood events.

For more information visit our webpage ​on the West Dapto Access Strategy - Fowlers Road to Fairwater Drive.

Mullet Creek Flood Model Update Report 2018

​To view the Mullet Creek Flood Model Update Report and Compendium visit the SES website​

Documents 2010

Mullet and Brooks Creek Prescriptive Controls.pdf
109 KB
Mullet and Brooks Creeks Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan Executive Summary.pdf
146 KB
Mullet and Brooks Creeks Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan.pdf
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