welcome to the wollongong flood education model
Flooding is one of Australia’s most damaging types of natural disaster.  In terms of financial costs, disruption to communities and personal stress, flooding can be comparable to cyclones and bushfires.


This website aims to educate students about how flooding patterns alter when changes occur to rivers, creeks and floodplains.  For example, what happens when a bridge becomes blocked up with debris.


This site has been developed for use in schools in Wollongong as part of the geography curriculum.  It has been developed by specialist flood consultants, WBM, on behalf of Wollongong City Council.


The Flood Education Model teaches students about flooding using an interactive learning environment.  Students are able to view a series of changes to a floodplain (e.g. building a housing estate) and see the effects on flooding using computer modelling.  Students can answer a series of questions regarding different development scenarios before reviewing the modelling results.


Some general information regarding flooding is provided through the links from this page.  A brief history of flooding in Wollongong is also provided.


Click on the yellow button for the Interactive Flood Model.