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​Council runs a number of initiatives to help reduce litter across our city. Click on each of the headings below to find out more about what we're doing, and how you can get involved.

Report littering from a vehicle

​If you see litter being thrown or blown out of a vehicle, you can now report this to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA). It doesn’t take long to do and you don’t need to speak with those in the vehicle directly to report someone.  You’ll need to record details such as:

  • the vehicle registration (including state of registration)
  • location where the littering occurred
  • your location
  • type of litter
  • how the litter was deposited
  • date and time. 

To find out more, visit 

Take a stand against those who litter and report them.  Fines from $250 can now be issued from your reports.  Use Report to EPA from your mobile or report online.

By reporting litter from motor vehicles you're helping to raise awareness of this issue in the community, reduce clean-up costs and keeping NSW clean.

Summer Litter Blitz

To help promote drivers’ awareness of roadside litter, Council has partnered with the Illawarra Pilot Joint Organisation to highlight the problem of roadside litter from food and beverage containers. 

Keep your eye out over summer for some very large cockroaches (of the human variety) handing out car litter bags and encouraging residents to ‘report a tosser’. 



​Become part of the Litter Solution!

When you’re out walking or visiting our beautiful parks and beaches, are you put off by the amount of litter and plastic bags lying around?
We invite you to join the Picitup program and become part of the litter solution.
We’re encouraging individuals, community groups and organisations who are interested in helping remove litter from their local parks and beaches to record what they collect so we can build a picture of how big the litter problem really is.
Contact Council’s Rise & Shine team on 4227 7111 to pick up your free kit and find out how you can be part of the litter solution.

Bin Your Butt

​Thousands of cigarette butts are swept from our city streets every week and thousands more are washed into our harbour and waterways. Cigarette Butts in our waterways present a serious environmental hazard.

During the decomposition process, cigarette butts leach toxic chemicals into the soil and waterways. Some smokers believe their butts to be so small that they are an insignificant contribution to our litter problem, but this is not the case.
Besides the environmental consequences of not binning cigarette butts, cigarette butt ‘tossers’ can be fined for littering.

To find out more visit

Fishing Tackle

​Australian Sea Bird Rescue, South Coast in conjunction with West Wollongong Rotary and Wollongong City Council have installed Fishing Tackle Bins at 12 popular fishing locations.

The bins provide an avenue for those who enjoy recreational fishing to dispose of their unwanted fishing line and tackle in an appropriate way.  Currently much of the unwanted line is found on the edges of the waterways, in our oceans and around Lake Illawarra.
90% of injuries sustained by the local sea and shorebirds are due to discarded fishing line or tackle and unsafe fishing practices.  Since 2005, approximately 1300 local pelicans alone have been rescued with hundreds of other sea and shore birds.
The injuries that are sustained by our wildlife can be fatal or cause major damage to the birds which can lead to a slow and painful death.  Preventing the amount of rubbish such as fishing line is a way to reduce and hopefully eliminate the risk of injury to our birds. 

Bin Your Gum

​Chewing gum when dropped on the ground sticks to your shoes, the footpath and is very difficult and costly to remove.  As the chewing gum builds up over time, it makes our footpaths look dirty and unclean. 

Please consider others and place your used gum in one of the street bins provided.

Trolley Tracker

​Spotted an abandoned shopping trolley? You can report it to Trolley Tracker, at
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