Notice: COVID-19 update – residents encouraged to get tested Read more.
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Wollongong City Council

COVID-19 Multilingual Information

Alert for Wollongong, Port Kembla and surrounding suburbs

People in Wollongong, Port Kembla and surrounding suburbs are asked to get tested immediately for COVID-19 if they have symptoms. Fragments of the virus that causes COVID have been detected in the sewage treatment systems for these areas.

You can visit NSW Health to find COVID-19 testing clinics.

Below are links to places where you can find information about coronavirus (COVID-19) in languages other than English.

Daily updates interpreted

The NSW Government provides health updates at 11am each day. You can watch these updates with live interpretation from SBS through Facebook:

NSW Health COVID-19 Testing Fact Sheets

Type Name File Size
PDF File Arabic-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 188.8 KB
PDF File Burmese-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 153.6 KB
PDF File Chinese-Simplified-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 183.0 KB
PDF File Chinese-Traditional-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 193.1 KB
PDF File Croatian-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 139.4 KB
PDF File Farsi-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 182.8 KB
PDF File Greek-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 141.6 KB
PDF File Hindi-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 164.4 KB
PDF File Italian-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 119.9 KB
PDF File Karen-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 135.2 KB
PDF File Kirundi-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 119.8 KB
PDF File Macedonian-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 142.4 KB
PDF File Polish-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 140.1 KB
PDF File Port-Kembla-Testing-Site-Multilingual.pdf 868.7 KB
PDF File Portuguese-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 126.3 KB
PDF File Russian-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 156.4 KB
PDF File Serbian-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 136.2 KB
PDF File Spanish-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 114.2 KB
PDF File Swahili-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 119.1 KB
PDF File Turkish-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 133.2 KB
PDF File Vietnamese-COVID-Fact-Sheet.pdf 133.1 KB