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Wollongong City Council

COVID-Safe Construction Plans

Wollongong City Council is continuing to maintain and improve our city's buildings, roads, paths, open spaces and public facilities.

The safety of our staff and the community is our priority. We are working in line with NSW Public Health Orders, and we have COVID-Safe plans in place for all of our worksites.

Our current COVID-Safe Construction Plans are shown below.

Type Name File Size
PDF File Baan-Baan-St-car-park.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Barrier-construction-Holborn-Park-Berkeley.pdf 142.9 KB
PDF File Bootie-St-channel-lining-Balgownie.pdf 142.9 KB
PDF File Burelli-St-Church-St-intersection.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Cabbage-Tree-Lane,-Tree-Planting.pdf 144.8 KB
PDF File Central-Depot-Covid-Construction-Safety.pdf 142.9 KB
PDF File Coledale-beach-carpark-and-footpath.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Corrimal-CBD-refurb-works-Princes-Highway-Corrimal.pdf 142.9 KB
PDF File Cosgrove-Ave-Keiraville-stormwater.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File COVID-19-Safety-Plan-_-Caloola-Ave-koonawarra.pdf 308.2 KB
PDF File COVID-19-Safety-Plan-_-Wallabah-Way-Koonawarra.pdf 308.2 KB
PDF File Craig-Cr-Dapto-footpath.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Craig-Crescent,-Dapto-_-COVID-19-Safety-Plan.pdf 246.4 KB
PDF File Crown-St-West-footpath-works.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Denison-St-Wollongong-Road-safety-upgrade.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Edward-St-footpath-construction-Wollongong.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Eleebana-Cr-Koonawarra-footpath.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Fairy-Avenue-Fairy-Meadow-Tree-Planting.pdf 143.8 KB
PDF File Fairy-Creek-shared-path-construction-Gwynneville.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Galong-Cres-Koonawarra-footpath.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Glastonbury-Ave-intersection.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Glastonbury-Avenue,-Berkley-NSW.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Gloucester-Blvd-Port-Kembla-cycleway.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Hector-Harvey-Oval-carpark-construction-Dapto.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Helensburgh-CBD-Village-Centre-footpath-refurbishment.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Hunter-St-stormwater.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Irvine-St-road-recon-Keiraville.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Jaylang-Ave-pipe-recon.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Laneway-connecting-Jobson-Avenue-to-Princes-Highway,-Fairy-Meadow-Footpath.pdf 129.0 KB
PDF File Lower-Crown-St-Wollongong-CBD-fottpath-refurbishment-and-kerb-and-gutter.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Maintenance-Footpaths-and-Kerb-and-gutter-projects-over-20m-in-length.pdf 145.3 KB
PDF File Market-St-footpath-refurb-Market-St-Wollongong.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Marshall-St-Dapto-footpath-construction.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Moombara-St-Dapto-footpath-construction.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Mt-Brown-Rd-drainage.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File North-Depot-Covid-Construction-Safety-Plan.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Northcliff-Dr-pipe-recon.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Northern-cycleway-Point-St-Bulli.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Offorad-footpath-Rawson-St-Coledale.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Offroad-footpath-Guest-Park.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Offroad-footpath-Woodlawn-Ave.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Railway-Cres-Stanwell-Park-footpath.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Shone-Ave-shared-path.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Shone-Avenue,-Wongawilli-_-COVID-19-Safety-Plan.pdf 307.2 KB
PDF File South-Depot-Covid-Construction-Safety.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Southern-cycleway-Cringila.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Squires-Way-Wollongong-kerb-and-gutter.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Stanwell-Park-reserve-footpath.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Stewart-St-pop-up-cycleway-Stewart-St-Wollongong.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Stewart-St-Wollongong-CBD-footpath-refurbishment.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Stuart-Park,-Tree-Planting.pdf 144.7 KB
PDF File Tarrawanna-Rd-safety-facilities.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File The-Ridge,-Helensburgh-Footpath.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File Tree-planting-and-various-landscaping-works-Wollongong-LGA.pdf 144.8 KB
PDF File Wallabah-Way-Koonawarra-footpath.pdf 128.9 KB
PDF File West-St-Wollongong-footpath-construction.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File William-Beach-Park-project-carpark-and-footpath.pdf 145.2 KB
PDF File Wongawilli-Road-Construction.pdf 145.2 KB

If you have a question about COVID-Safety at our worksites, please call us on (02) 4227 7111.

You can also visit our COVID-19 Updates page for local information, services and support during the pandemic.