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Wollongong City Council

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Contract NumberContract Number Contract DescriptionContract Description Start DateStart Date End DateEnd Date
Contract NumberT17/58 Contract DescriptionAustinmer Boatshed Extension Project Start Date01/05/2018 End Date21/09/2018
Contract NumberT18/02 Contract DescriptionBelmore Basin Embankment Reinstatement Start Date01/05/2018 End Date01/08/2018
Contract NumberT18/04 Contract DescriptionCoalcliff Beach Revetment Works Start Date01/05/2018 End Date28/09/2018
Contract NumberT18/06 Contract DescriptionRefurbishment of Office/Amenities at Western Suburbs Pool Start Date30/04/2018 End Date03/09/2018
Contract NumberT17/59 Contract DescriptionThe Parkway Keiraville Retaining Wall Start Date04/04/2018 End Date30/06/2018
Contract NumberE5074 Contract DescriptionWollongong City Libraries RFID self-check units Start Date26/03/2018 End Date31/01/2019
Contract NumberE5137 Contract DescriptionSupply of 3 Hydraulic Crawler Excavators Start Date23/03/2018 End Date08/06/2018
Contract NumberT17/07 Contract DescriptionIan McLennan Park - Synthetic Football Field Start Date14/03/2018 End Date02/01/2019
Contract NumberT17/30 Contract DescriptionRoads and Footpaths Video and Condition Assessment Start Date12/03/2018 End Date29/06/2018
Contract NumberT17/50 Contract DescriptionAdministration of Project Management Services Panel - PMS Start Date11/03/2018 End Date10/03/2021
Contract NumberT17/54 Contract DescriptionLawrence Hargrave Drive Retaining Wall Replacement Start Date07/03/2018 End Date20/04/2018
Contract NumberE5036 Contract DescriptionPurchase of 5 Trucks (2x tar trucks, 1xHooklift & tank, 2xWorkshop Field Service) Start Date01/03/2018 End Date29/06/2018
Contract NumberT17/34 Contract DescriptionHeating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Upgrade Designs IPAC Start Date19/02/2018 End Date29/06/2018
Contract NumberT17/45 Contract DescriptionFowlers Road to Fairwater Drive - Stage 1C to 1D - Electrical Services Relocation Start Date08/02/2018 End Date31/07/2018
Contract NumberT17/44 Contract DescriptionConiston Community Centre Refurbishment Start Date17/01/2018 End Date23/04/2018
Contract NumberT17/57 Contract DescriptionConstruction of Ensuite Blocks and onsite Astroturf Annex Sites at Windang Beach Tourist Park Start Date15/01/2018 End Date28/05/2018
Contract NumberT17/42 Contract DescriptionCringilla Community Hall (Large) Refurbishment Start Date08/01/2018 End Date31/03/2018
Contract NumberT17/55 Contract DescriptionO'Briens Road Pedestrian Bridge Replacement Start Date05/01/2018 End Date30/04/2018
Contract NumberT17/48 Contract DescriptionHarry Graham Drive Embankment Stabilisation Start Date20/12/2017 End Date20/04/2018
Contract NumberT17/41 Contract DescriptionTourist Park Linen Services Start Date19/12/2017 End Date18/12/2020
Contract NumberE5097 Contract DescriptionSupply of 5 Tandem Drum Rollers Start Date14/12/2017 End Date02/08/2018
Contract NumberT17/35 Contract DescriptionStanwell Park Cafe Redevelopment Start Date27/11/2017 End Date21/12/2018
Contract NumberT17/23 Contract DescriptionOpen Space Maintenance Start Date20/11/2017 End Date19/11/2019
Contract NumberE5013 Contract DescriptionSublime Point Car Park and access road stabilisation as per design GT17.168-D2 Start Date01/11/2017 End Date09/11/2017
Contract NumberT17/38 Contract DescriptionBrokers Road Dam Rehabilitation Start Date12/10/2017 End Date26/02/2018