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Wollongong City Council

Development Consents

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DADA LotsLots AddressAddress DescriptionDescription Decision DateDecision Date
DARD-2019/1455/A LotsLot 1 DP 9196, Lot A DP 394009 Address24 Mangerton Road DescriptionResidential - construction of a second residence to create dual occupancy Decision Date5/12/2020 11:19:01 AM
DALG-2020/50 LotsLot 20 DP 228891 Address4 Elanora Place DescriptionWoodfire Heater Decision Date5/28/2020 10:24:08 AM
DALG-2020/49 LotsLot 20 DP 843124 Address13 Postmans Track DescriptionWood Fire Heater Decision Date5/28/2020 10:15:08 AM
DALG-2020/47 LotsLot 231 DP 794262 Address54 Tarrawanna Road DescriptionWoodfire Heater Decision Date5/28/2020 10:06:15 AM
DALG-2020/46 LotsLot 54 DP 829713 Address17 Avon Parade DescriptionWoodfire Heater Decision Date5/28/2020 10:00:21 AM
DALG-2020/44 LotsLot 503 DP 831486 Address5 Robert Westmacott Avenue DescriptionInstallation of solid fuel heater Decision Date5/25/2020 10:55:51 AM
DALG-2020/43 LotsLot 3 DP 209903 Address16 Otford Road DescriptionInstallation of woodfire heater Decision Date5/25/2020 10:43:49 AM
DALG-2020/40 LotsLot 4 Sec A DP 2697 Address519 Princes Highway DescriptionWoodfire Heater Decision Date5/19/2020 4:15:01 PM
DALG-2020/39 LotsLot 4 DP 542881 Address4 Tabratong Road DescriptionWoodfire Heater Decision Date5/20/2020 2:11:18 PM
DALG-2020/38 LotsLot 111 DP 831760 Address24 Chippendale Place DescriptionWoodfire Heater Decision Date5/14/2020 1:57:34 PM
DALG-2020/37 LotsLot 37 DP 27316 Address106 Heaslip Street DescriptionWoodfire Heater Decision Date5/14/2020 1:30:51 PM
DALG-2020/36 LotsLot 5 DP 38748 Address9 Robert Street DescriptionWoodfire Heater Decision Date5/12/2020 11:31:01 AM
DALG-2020/35 LotsLot 28 DP 7498 Address59 Buttenshaw Drive DescriptionInstallation of Solid Fuel Burner Decision Date4/29/2020 12:08:35 PM
DALG-2019/109 LotsLot 174 DP 728054, Reserve R95911 Address2 Lake Parade DescriptionInstallation of Annexe on Site E06 Decision Date5/22/2020 12:27:05 PM
DADA-2020/89 LotsLot 404 DP 1203222 Address14 Hayshed Lane DescriptionResidential - dwelling house and swimming pool Decision Date5/22/2020 3:51:42 PM
DADA-2020/81 LotsLot 689 DP 752033 Address4 Fletcher Street DescriptionResidential - demolition works, construction of new dwelling to create a dual occupancy and Subdivision - Torrens title - two (2) lots Decision Date5/8/2020 4:17:17 PM
DADA-2020/74 LotsLot 149 DP 708129 Address64 Goolagong Street DescriptionResidential - alterations and additions Decision Date5/6/2020 2:41:16 PM
DADA-2020/60 LotsLot 34 DP 23435 Address151 Cabbage Tree Lane DescriptionResidential - alterations and additions Decision Date5/5/2020 8:50:55 AM
DADA-2020/480 LotsLot 3 DP 38358 Address42 Porter Street DescriptionResidential - demolition of dwelling house Decision Date5/26/2020 11:18:54 AM
DADA-2020/437 LotsLot 2068 DP 1239566 Address19 Bentley Road DescriptionResidential - Swimming pool Decision Date5/26/2020 1:46:41 PM
DADA-2020/420 LotsLot 77 DP 13047 Address21 Gladstone Avenue DescriptionSubdivision - Strata title - two (2) lots Decision Date5/18/2020 11:54:34 AM
DADA-2020/414 LotsLot 9 DP 226825 Address7 Corrie Road DescriptionResidential - Demolition of garage Decision Date5/21/2020 10:11:16 AM
DADA-2020/410 LotsLot 93 DP 31112 Address52 Euroka Street DescriptionResidential - demolition of existing detached garage and construction of new attached garage and alterations to existing dwelling Decision Date5/28/2020 3:48:26 PM
DADA-2020/409 LotsLot 989 DP 218977 Address482 Northcliffe Drive DescriptionResidential - alterations and additions Decision Date5/28/2020 12:28:48 PM
DADA-2020/405 LotsLot 4036 DP 1239568 Address18 Emila Road DescriptionResidential - single storey dwelling house and retaining walls Decision Date5/28/2020 11:11:52 AM
DADA-2020/392 LotsLot 1 DP 598089 Address394 Princes Highway DescriptionResidential - retaining wall Decision Date5/27/2020 11:49:54 AM
DADA-2020/391 LotsLot 253 DP 9753 Address126 Lakeview Parade DescriptionResidential - demolition of deck and family room and construction of a new deck and family room Decision Date5/28/2020 3:02:01 PM
DADA-2020/389 LotsLot 5008 DP 1239569 Address61 Neeson Road DescriptionResidential - dwelling house Decision Date5/14/2020 10:38:24 AM
DADA-2020/388 LotsLot 1 DP 37847 Address11 Church Street DescriptionResidential - swimming pool Decision Date5/28/2020 4:42:38 PM
DADA-2020/385 LotsLot 4006 DP 876472 Address28 Lyrebird Way DescriptionResidential - deck and patio and internal modifications Decision Date5/28/2020 4:27:09 PM
DADA-2020/384 LotsLot 331 DP 1241313 Address8 Whistler Street DescriptionChange of use of a dwelling house to be used as a display home with signage and pergola Decision Date5/28/2020 1:01:25 PM
DADA-2020/383 LotsLot 330 DP 1241313 Address6 Whistler Street DescriptionChange of use of a dwelling house to be used as a display home with signage and pergola Decision Date5/28/2020 12:45:11 PM
DADA-2020/38/A LotsLot 27 DP 35549 Address27 Henry Street DescriptionResidential - Alterations and additions Modification A - existing detached garage and bbq area to remain Decision Date5/6/2020 2:31:02 PM
DADA-2020/364 LotsLot 4039 DP 1239568 Address12 Emila Road DescriptionResidential - dwelling house Decision Date5/6/2020 4:10:17 PM
DADA-2020/359 LotsLot 10 Sec 2 DP 8703 Address75 Keira Street DescriptionResidential - demolition of existing detached garage and construction of alterations and additions Decision Date5/14/2020 11:23:39 AM
DADA-2020/356 LotsLot 4 DP 7951 Address40 George Street DescriptionResidential - retaining walls Decision Date5/28/2020 3:32:00 PM
DADA-2020/354 LotsLot 5 DP 736110 Address31A Nicholson Road DescriptionResidential - alterations and additions Decision Date5/13/2020 11:12:10 AM
DADA-2020/353 LotsLot 800 DP 31902 Address7 Essex Street DescriptionResidential - alterations and additions to existing detached shed including detached habitable rooms Decision Date5/20/2020 7:33:07 AM
DADA-2020/35 LotsLot 22 SP 55559 Address22/100-104 Corrimal Street DescriptionResidential - construction of roof level cabana for Unit 22 Decision Date4/30/2020 1:43:31 PM
DADA-2020/347 LotsLot 111 DP 9943 Address68 Carroll Road DescriptionResidential - Inground swimming pool Decision Date5/6/2020 8:08:33 AM
DADA-2020/344 LotsLot 633 DP 1172895 Address54 Haywards Bay Drive DescriptionResidential - swimming pool Decision Date5/12/2020 10:42:26 AM
DADA-2020/340 LotsLot 702 DP 1203226 Address42 Coral Vale Drive DescriptionResidential - shed Decision Date5/21/2020 10:19:50 AM
DADA-2020/334 LotsLot 123 DP 1247722 Address65 Church Street DescriptionSignage - advertisement - pylon Decision Date5/13/2020 4:28:23 PM
DADA-2020/320 LotsLot A DP 154845 Address22 Cross Street DescriptionSubdivision - Strata title - eight (8) residential lots Decision Date5/28/2020 5:08:32 PM
DADA-2020/312 LotsLot 39 DP 706743 Address37 Nebo Drive DescriptionResidential - covered deck Decision Date5/8/2020 11:44:36 AM
DADA-2020/304 LotsLot 15 DP 23883 Address62 Albert Street DescriptionResidential - demolition of existing dwelling house, shed and tree removals and construction of new dwelling house and detached garage/workshop Decision Date5/27/2020 9:37:30 AM
DADA-2020/303 LotsLot 6 DP 1004625 Address129 Morrison Avenue DescriptionResidential - demolition of existing swimming pool and associated structures and tree removal and construction of a detached garage with loft, gym, deck and pergola Decision Date5/26/2020 11:51:42 AM
DADA-2020/302 LotsLot 27 DP 39415 Address18 Edyth Street DescriptionResidential - demolition of existing garage, construction of new garage and alterations and additions to dwelling Decision Date5/8/2020 9:18:23 AM
DADA-2020/296 LotsLot 110 DP 13182 Address6 Marlo Road DescriptionResidential - swimming pool Decision Date5/5/2020 3:13:08 PM
DADA-2020/286 LotsLot 19 DP 231456 Address27 Park Street DescriptionResidential - deck - outdoor area Decision Date5/21/2020 10:43:17 AM