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Wollongong City Council

Land Register

TitleTitle TitleLot 28 DP 8450, owned by Dep. of Planning and under the care control and management of Council since G.G. 25/7/1985. Issue no. 99 page 3835. Devolved under the Sate Planning Authority Act 1963. Issue 99, page 3835
RoleRole RoleTrust Manager
House NoHouse No House No227
Street NameStreet Name Street NameLAWRENCE HARGRAVE
Street TypeStreet Type Street TypeDR
SuburbSuburb SuburbCOALCLIFF
StateState StateNSW
ClassificationClassification ClassificationCrown Land
Plan of ManagementPlan of Management Plan of ManagementGeneric Plan of Management
Licence FlagLicence Flag Licence FlagNO
Licence Document NoLicence Document No Licence Document No
Unit TypeUnit Type Unit TypeLANDPARCEL
Acquisition ReasonAcquisition Reason Acquisition ReasonPublic Recreation
Acquisition TypeAcquisition Type Acquisition TypeLAND - Proclamation by Gazette
Land AreaLand Area Land Area
Legal Document NoLegal Document No Legal Document No
Acquisition File NoAcquisition File No Acquisition File No
ValueValue Value
Parcel UsageParcel Usage Parcel UsagePublic Recreation
Gazette NoGazette No Gazette NoPROCLAMATION G.G. NO
Gazette DateGazette Date Gazette Date25/07/1980
Dealing NoDealing No Dealing No
Acquisition DateAcquisition Date Acquisition Date7/25/1980 12:00:00 AM