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Wollongong City Council

Australia Day Committee

The Australia Day Committee helps to plan our city’s biggest community event of the year. They also judge the City of Wollongong Australia Day Awards.

The Wollongong Australia Day Committee is currently open for nominations until 31 May 2021. Please submit your nomination using our online form.

You can read more about this group in the Australia Day Committee Charter PDF, 88.11 KB.

Members of the Australia Day Committee include:

  • Up to 10 community representatives. This includes two representatives aged under 26.
  • The Lord Mayor
  • Two Councillors
  • The current Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year, Community Award winner and Arts and Cultural Award winner.
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PDF File" 4 November 2020 Australia-Day-Committee-Minutes-4-November-2020.pdf 175.2 KB
PDF File" 7 October 2020 Australia-Day-Committee-Minutes-7-October-2020.pdf 202.0 KB
PDF File" 2 September 2020 Australia-Day-Committee-Minutes-2-September-2020.pdf 186.3 KB
PDF File" 5 August 2020 Australia-Day-Committee-Minutes-5-August-2020.pdf 181.2 KB
PDF File" 17 June 2020 Australia-Day-Committee-Minutes-17-June-2020.pdf 143.3 KB
PDF File" 28 May 2019 Australia-Day-Committee-Minutes-28-May-2019.pdf 177.2 KB
PDF File" 10 October 2018 Australia-Day-Committee-Minutes-10-October-2018.pdf 283.7 KB
PDF File" 11 July 2018 Australia-Day-Committee-Minutes-11-July-2018.pdf 242.8 KB
PDF File" 13 June 2018 Australia-Day-Committee-Minutes-13-June-2018.pdf 47.0 KB
PDF File" 20 February 2018 Australia-Day-Committee-Minutes-20-February-2018.pdf 249.1 KB