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Wollongong City Council

Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change adaptation involves preparing for and managing any unavoidable impacts of climate change as they happen.

Adaptation includes actions such as planning for more frequent and intense natural disasters, changes in water availability and increased pressures on biodiversity.

You can read about some of the climate change effects we need to adapt to on our Effects of Climate Change page.

We have recently updated our Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Wollongong PDF, 21753.99 KB

For an overview, you can also read our Climate Change Planning Summary PDF, 8169.23 KB

Reviewing, updating and putting a revised Climate Change Adaptation Plan into practice will help to reduce and manage the impact on our assets. It will also help us plan to deliver services and support our community to adjust to a changing climate.

You can read more on what climate change adaptation is on the AdaptNSW website and NASA's Responding to Climate Change page.

Find out more

Visit the What is Adaptation? (AdaptNSW) website to learn more about climate change adaptation.