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Wollongong City Council

Development Policies and Guidelines

Council controls how most land in our area is used, protected, or developed. This includes things like where new roads or buildings should go, or how many houses can be built in a certain area. Development also includes activities like holding a big event, running a business or demolishing a building.

We have development rules to make sure things are safe and well designed, and meet planning rules set by the State Government.

There are three main types of rules for planning and development:

State-wide rules

In New South Wales, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment sets rules that apply to all councils in the state. They also create regional plans and provide guidelines for councils.

State rules apply for certain types of development, including apartment buildings, housing for seniors or people with disability, and education facilities.

See our State and Regional Planning Policies page for more information.

Local Environmental Plans

Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) describe the different land zones in an area, such as residential, commercial or industrial land. They also explain what type of development is allowed in each land zone.

Read more about Wollongong’s LEPs.

Development Control Plans

Development Control Plans (DCPs) go into more detail about how developments should be built to meet the conditions of the LEP and State-wide rules.

For example, an LEP might tell you how big your house can be compared to the size of your land. The DCP will explain details like where windows or balconies should go, or how fences should be built.

Read more about our Development Control Plans.

How we use planning and development policies

When Council makes decisions about Development Applications, we compare what’s proposed with the planning rules that apply to that particular piece of land.

If there is any difference between State and local rules, the State rules apply.

For more information see our Development Assessments page.