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Wollongong City Council

Development Contributions

Council collects contributions from developers to help fund public infrastructure that is required as a direct or indirect result of development.

Contributions are used to fund infrastructure projects that benefit the public, like roads, bridges, footpaths, community centres, parks and sportsgrounds.

Development contributions are in addition to building and development costs outlined in our fees and charges.

The amount payable will be based on the type, cost and location of the development. If a development contribution applies, this will be included as a condition in the development consent.

There are two contribution plans that apply in the Wollongong City Council area. Details of these plans can be found below.

To check which plan applies to a property, search our online map.

You can also view details of contributions made to Council in our Development Contributions Register.

West Dapto Development Contributions Plan (2017)

This plan applies to the West Dapto Urban Release area (shown in Figure 1 of the plan).

The plan levies contributions in one of two ways:

  • Residential development - contributions are levied per additional lot or dwelling
  • Non-residential development (ie industrial or commercial) - contributions are levied per hectare.

The current indexed contribution rates for this plan are shown below.

Residential developmentRate per lot / dwelling*
Subdivision, dual occupancy etc$50,541.60
Multi-unit housing 4+ bedrooms$45,803.33
Multi-unit housing 3 bedrooms$39,485.63
Multi-unit housing 2 bedrooms$34,747.35
Multi-unit housing 1 bedroom$26,850.22

* In accordance with the Ministerial Direction issued under s7.17 of the EP&A Act and the advice from the Minster for Planning and Public Spaces’ delegate dated 18 June 2020, from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2020 (or until the 2020 Plan is adopted) contributions for development within the West Dapto Urban Release Area will continue to be levied under the 2017 Plan. As the LIGS funding ended on 30 June 2020, the developer will be levied the full contribution rate.

Industrial / Commercial developmentRate per hectare**
Subdivision or other development$464,342.77

** The contribution rate levied to industrial development will also be subject to the 29 October 2018 Council Resolution PDF, 303.5 KB.

Residential development may also be subject to a Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) to the NSW Government.

You can find more information about the growth of West Dapto on our Works and Projects pages.

The Draft West Dapto Development Contributions Plan (2020) has been assessed by IPART and their recommendations have been provided to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces (Minister). Further information is available on their website. ‚ÄčContributions are levied in accordance with the Plan in force at the date of determination. It is anticipated that the 2020 Plan will be adopted in late 2020, after Council receives advice from the Minister.

Wollongong City-Wide Development Contributions Plan (2019)  PDF, 5554.85 KB

This plan applies to the majority of the Wollongong City Council area, excluding where the West Dapto Plan applies.

Contributions levied under this plan are based on the proposed cost of carrying out the development.

Levy rates are shown below.

Proposed cost of the Development*Contribution %
Up to and including $100,000Nil
More than $100,000 up to and including $200,0000.5%
More than $200,0001%

For development in the Wollongong City Centre B3 Land Zone the following rates apply:

Proposed cost of the Development*Contribution %
Up to and including $250,000Nil
More than $250,0002%

* See Clause 25J of the Environment Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

Note: Where a contribution under Section 7.11 (previously Section 94) was paid at subdivision and the proposed development does not increase demand (for example construction of a single dwelling on a lot or alterations to an existing dwelling) a contribution under Section 7.12 (previously Section 94A) cannot be levied.

Planning Agreements, also known as Voluntary Planning Agreements or VPAs, can be used as an alternative way of providing contributions to Council. These agreements are considered on a case-by-case basis and are usually associated with a Planning Proposal or Development Application.

You can read more in our Planning Agreements Policy PDF, 197.65 KB and our Planning Agreements Register.

Planning Agreements are currently being used by the NSW State Government to collect Special Infrastructure Contributions from residential subdivision development at West Dapto.

Accredited Certifiers (also known as Private Certifiers) have the same obligations as Council when issuing certificates.

When issuing Construction Certificates or Occupation Certificates these obligations include:

  • Ensuring that any condition requiring the payment of contributions has been satisfied.

When issuing Complying Development Certificates these obligations include:

  • Calculating any required contribution in accordance with the applicable contributions plan; and
  • Imposing a condition requiring the applicant to pay contributions before any work authorised by the certificate commences; and
  • Ensuring that contributions have been paid before any work authorised by the certificate commences.

The following resources can assist in calculating the contributions that apply to a development:

  • Check which contributions plan applies to a property with our online map.
  • Request a contributions quote from Council using the button below.
  • If the applicant has requested an exemption, please forward it to Council for assessment using the contributions quote button below.