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Wollongong City Council

Notifications and Submissions

When a development application (DA) is lodged with Council, we need to tell people who might be affected by the development. People we might notify about a DA often include neighbours and, in some cases, the general public. This is so they have a chance to raise any concerns or make a comment before a decision is made.

Notifications don’t apply to work done as exempt development or complying development.

The process for advertising DAs is explained in our Community Participation Plan PDF, 1086.07 KB.

If a DA needs to be notified or advertised, the applicant will be charged a notification fee.

Where you can view DA notifications

If you’re a neighbour of a proposed development that needs to be notified, we will send you a letter.

For everyone else, these are the main places you can find information about DAs which are open for comment:


Anyone with an interest in a DA is welcome to make a submission - or give feedback - about a proposed development, but this must be done in writing.

If you’re objecting to a development, you need to give a clear reason why. We also encourage people to share positive suggestions to improve the proposed DA.

Submissions are public documents, and other people can view them on request, so make sure you read our Protection of Privacy statement before you comment on a DA.

All submissions will be considered when the DA is assessed.

Submissions for Designated Development

Section 56(6)(i) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021 states:

  1. unless the Independent Planning Commission has held a public hearing, a person who objected to the development by making a submission and who is dissatisfied with the determination of the consent authority to grant development consent, may appeal to the Court, and
  2. if the Independent Planning Commission holds a public hearing, the Commission’s determination of the application is final and not subject to appeal.

How to make a submission

If you receive a notification letter, it will explain how you can make a submission about a proposed development.

If you do not receive a notification, you can still make a submission using one of these options:

  • Go to our Online Services Portal and select Development Applications on Exhibition. Click on an application to view details, then use the Lodge a submission button.
  • Write to Council. Make sure you include the application number (eg DA-2023/XXX) in the subject line and / or message content.

For more information, call us on (02) 4227 7111.