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Wollongong City Council

Swimwear Guidelines

People using our public swimming pools must wear suitable swimwear while in the pool. These rules also apply to swimmers at our patrolled beaches.

Guidelines for what is considered suitable swimwear are explained below.

  • Swimwear must meet general community standards and public decency, and be unlikely to offend other people. For example, swimwear should cover genitals, and breasts for females other than infants.
  • Traditional swimwear, including one or two piece suits, rash vests and board shorts made from suitable materials.
  • Swimwear designed for modesty should be made from traditional swimsuit material. This offers the same benefit as traditional swimwear, but with fuller coverage to meet a swimmer's modesty requirements.
  • A sensible lightweight clothing material should be worn. A neoprene, nylon, Lycra or polyester type of material that does not hold excessive amounts of water is appropriate. Heavy cotton and other material such as work wear or jeans are not suitable.
  • The material and clothing should not give any colour leakage.
  • We acknowledge that some people may have skin conditions that restrict them from wearing non-cotton or alternative appropriate clothing. Allowances will generally be made in these cases, and the person should not be prevented from swimming.
  • Swimwear or clothing should be clean before entering the water.
  • We encourage people to shower before using the pool if they have exercised in their swimwear
  • The swimwear or clothing should be able to withstand cleaning agents in the pool. Council will not be accountable for any deterioration of clothing or swimwear.
  • The clothing or swimwear should have a reasonably close fit so it won't 'rise up' if the wearer jumps into the pool.
  • The material should not fall down or restrict leg movement
  • The pool user should be able to make unrestricted arm movements
  • The pool user should be able to swim or move around the water unrestricted.