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Wollongong City Council

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Contract NumberContract Number Contract DescriptionContract Description Start DateStart Date End DateEnd Date
Contract NumberE4946A Contract DescriptionKembla Terraces - Roof Replacement Project Start Date07/01/2019 End Date07/06/2019
Contract NumberNC0011 Contract DescriptionCommunity Transport - Procurement Exemption - Ledale Pty Ltd (Trading As Canty's Bus Rentals) Start Date01/01/2019 End Date30/06/2020
Contract NumberW0068 Contract DescriptionHarry Graham Drive Embankment Stabilisation - Design Start Date10/12/2018 End Date30/06/2019
Contract NumberT18/37 Contract DescriptionMullet Creek Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan Start Date03/12/2018 End Date01/01/2021
Contract NumberT18/36 Contract DescriptionWindang Boat Ramp Retaining Wall - Scour Protection Works Start Date08/11/2018 End Date09/05/2019
Contract NumberE5187 Contract DescriptionLease for the Operation of Corrimal Beach Tourist Park Kiosk/Cafe Start Date01/11/2018 End Date31/10/2023
Contract NumberT18/12 Contract DescriptionCCTV Inspection and Reporting of Stormwater Pipelines Start Date01/11/2018 End Date31/10/2019
Contract NumberT18/33 Contract DescriptionDarkes Road Culvert Repair Works Start Date31/10/2018 End Date13/03/2019
Contract NumberE5204 Contract DescriptionSupply of 4 Garbage Compactor Trucks Start Date22/10/2018 End Date29/04/2019
Contract NumberT18/27 Contract DescriptionRetaining Wall Reconstruction - Princes Highway Russel Vale Start Date03/10/2018 End Date08/03/2019
Contract NumberT18/16 Contract DescriptionBaird Park Toilet Replacement Start Date02/10/2018 End Date07/12/2018
Contract NumberT18/21A Contract DescriptionHennings Lane Embankment Stabilisation Start Date03/09/2018 End Date21/12/2018
Contract NumberT18/08 Contract DescriptionMt Keira Power Supply Project Start Date31/08/2018 End Date14/02/2019
Contract NumberE5203 Contract DescriptionSupply of 10 Heavy Duty Tool Trailers Start Date24/08/2018 End Date26/06/2019
Contract NumberT17/51 Contract DescriptionPeer Review and Construction Support Services for the Helensburgh Landfill Rehabilitation Project Start Date20/08/2018 End Date20/12/2019
Contract NumberT17/40 Contract DescriptionWollongong Memorial Gardens Front Garden Stage 3 Start Date13/08/2018 End Date23/11/2018
Contract NumberE5228 Contract DescriptionMicrosoft Enterprise Licensing Start Date01/08/2018 End Date31/07/2021
Contract NumberE5113 Contract DescriptionWeb Customer Experience Platform Start Date01/08/2018 End Date30/06/2023
Contract NumberT18/13 Contract DescriptionWombarra Pre School Refurbishment and Retaining Wall Start Date07/07/2018 End Date27/01/2019
Contract NumberT17/60 Contract DescriptionWorkplace Health and Safety (WHS) Behaviour Program Start Date04/07/2018 End Date03/07/2021
Contract NumberT17/32 Contract DescriptionLake Illawarra Entrance Channel Management Start Date01/07/2018 End Date30/06/2019
Contract NumberT18/19 Contract DescriptionHarry Graham Drive Embankment Stabilisation - Stage 2 (Site 1) Start Date27/06/2018 End Date17/09/2018
Contract NumberT18/03 Contract DescriptionWombarra Rock Pool - Retaining Wall and Shell Works Start Date05/06/2018 End Date14/11/2018
Contract NumberE5125 Contract Description2017-18 ICT Capital Asset Replacement Program - Multifunction Devices Start Date29/05/2018 End Date29/05/2023
Contract NumberE5115 Contract DescriptionIPAC Column external repair and painting Start Date14/05/2018 End Date30/06/2018