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Wollongong City Council

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Contract NumberContract Number Contract DescriptionContract Description Start DateStart Date End DateEnd Date
Contract NumberE5035 Contract DescriptionPurchase of 10 Trucks (Parks, Civil, Cemetery and Botanic Gardens) Start Date11/10/2017 End Date28/06/2018
Contract NumberE5022 Contract DescriptionBulli and Corrimal Beach Tourist Parks Lighting Upgrade Start Date09/10/2017 End Date22/12/2017
Contract NumberT17/19 Contract DescriptionFernhill Soccer Club Amenities Start Date02/10/2017 End Date27/01/2018
Contract NumberE5021 Contract DescriptionCivil works/services at Bulli Beach Tourist Park in preparation for installation of cabins Start Date29/09/2017 End Date27/11/2017
Contract NumberT17/09 Contract DescriptionLift Upgrades at Wollongong City Art Gallery Start Date25/09/2017 End Date29/06/2018
Contract NumberE5037 Contract DescriptionPurchase of 2 Buses - 22 seat community transport Start Date25/09/2017 End Date15/05/2018
Contract NumberT17/29 Contract DescriptionWollongong Memorial Gardens Front Garden Stage 2 Start Date10/08/2017 End Date10/08/2017
Contract NumberE4975 Contract DescriptionWestern Suburbs Pool Solar Panel Installation Start Date09/08/2017 End Date15/09/2017
Contract NumberT17/27 Contract DescriptionUnanderra Pool Solar Panel Start Date09/08/2017 End Date15/09/2017
Contract NumberT17/12 Contract DescriptionWindang Tourist Park Amenities Refurbishment Southern Block Start Date31/07/2017 End Date06/04/2018
Contract NumberT17/20 Contract DescriptionDapto Memorial Swimming Pool, Roof and Ceiling Replacement Start Date25/07/2017 End Date18/09/2017
Contract NumberT17/10 Contract DescriptionNatural Area Restoration and Bushfire Hazard Reduction Works Start Date18/07/2017 End Date17/07/2020
Contract NumberT17/16 Contract DescriptionMt Keira Summit Works - Stage 2 Start Date06/07/2017 End Date03/11/2017
Contract NumberT17/01 Contract DescriptionRefurbishment of Road Bridge on Berkeley Road, Unanderra Start Date05/07/2017 End Date16/12/2017
Contract NumberT16/44 Contract DescriptionBrokerage Nursing Services - Community Transport & Social Support Services Start Date01/07/2017 End Date30/06/2018
Contract NumberE4858 Contract DescriptionSupply and Maintenance of Productoin Colour Printer for WCC printing department Start Date01/07/2017 End Date01/07/2022
Contract NumberIPJO 05/16 Contract DescriptionSanitary & Nappy Disposal and Cleaning Services Start Date01/07/2017 End Date30/06/2020
Contract NumberE4954 Contract DescriptionHarry Graham Drive Mt Kembla stabilisation as per design GT16.585-D2 Start Date26/06/2017 End Date30/06/2017
Contract NumberE4926 Contract DescriptionWestern Suburbs Pool Roof Replacement Start Date05/06/2017 End Date17/08/2017
Contract NumberE4881 Contract DescriptionICT Server and Storage Infrastructure Replacement Start Date16/05/2017 End Date27/10/2017
Contract NumberE4853 Contract DescriptionMulda Street Dapto stabilisation as per design GT16.232-D2 Start Date13/05/2017 End Date26/05/2017
Contract NumberT17/04 Contract DescriptionT17/04 - Coalcliff Rock Pool Refurbishment Start Date01/05/2017 End Date30/09/2017
Contract NumberT17/05 Contract DescriptionColedale Beach Public and Campground Amenities Roof Start Date01/05/2017 End Date09/06/2017
Contract NumberE4870 Contract DescriptionWindang Tourist Park Amenities Refurbishment Northern Block Start Date27/04/2017 End Date30/06/2017
Contract NumberT16/46 Contract DescriptionRex Jackson Oval Grandstand Refurbishment Start Date10/04/2017 End Date21/07/2017