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Wollongong City Council

Residential Subdivision

Subdivision is when a property is split into smaller sections, or when two or more blocks of land are combined into one. There are three main types of subdivision: torrens title, strata and community title.

You need a development application to get permission for most types of subdivision.

Our Development Control Plan (Chapter B2) PDF, 1710.43 KB explains the rules that apply for subdivisions.

There are very limited types of subdivision that can be done as exempt development or complying development.

We recommend you ask us for development advice before you start a subdivision proposal or application.

Types of Subdivision

Torrens title is the most common type of subdivision. Most houses on a single block will be under torrens title. If you subdivide land as torrens title, each lot is then solely owned by whoever buys it.

A strata is a type of subdivision often used for apartment buildings, flats and townhouses.

In a strata, the land and building/s are owned by an owners corporation. The property is divided into lots that are individually owned, and common areas that are managed by the owners corporation. Lot owners pay strata fees to the owners' corporation to cover the cost of looking after common areas.

Community title schemes combine the features of a torrens title and a strata. They have individually owned lots, plus shared property like roads, footpaths, gardens and recreation areas.

Community title schemes can directly manage things that in other areas would normally be looked after by Council. This could include maintaining roads and paths, mowing parks, and garbage collection.  Individual owners usually share the cost of looking after common areas and services.

Each community title scheme has to have a Community, Neighbourhood and/or Precinct plan.

Special rules apply for community title schemes in West Dapto. See our West Dapto Housing page or talk to us for more information.