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Planning Certificate

A 10.7 Planning Certificate (which used to be called a Section 149 Certificate) is an official document about the planning rules and any restrictions that apply to your land.

This certificate is often needed when properties are bought and sold, or if you’re planning to develop a property.

The main types of information in a 10.7 (2) Certificate include:

  • Which planning laws apply to your property
  • The land zone and what you are or aren’t allowed to use the land for
  • Which development standards apply
  • Any critical habitats, conservation areas or environmental heritage items that are on the land
  • Whether you can do work as complying development on the land
  • If there is any road widening earmarked, or plans for part of the land to be acquired
  • Any restrictions in place to reduce hazards
  • If there is a vegetation plan or biobanking agreement for the land
  • Whether the land is contaminated [under the Contaminated Lands Management Act 1997]
  • Any Bushfire and Contributions Plans

Zoning changes from 26 April 2023

The NSW Government’s Employment Zone Reforms apply from 26 April 2023.

These automatically change zonings as outlined in the table below. Please note that some of the Land Use Tables have been merged, and land use permissions have changed.

Existing ZonesNew Zone
Business and Industrial ZonesEmployment Zones
B1 Neighbourhood CentreE1 Local Centre
B2 Local Centre
B3 Commercial CoreE2 Commercial Core
B5 Business DevelopmentE3 Productivity Support
B6 Enterprise Corridor
B7 Business Park
IN1 General IndustrialE4 General Industrial
IN2 Light Industrial
IN3 Heavy IndustrialE5 Heavy Industrial
IN4 Working WaterfrontW4 Working Waterfront
B4 Mixed UseMU1 Mixed Use
B8 Metropolitan Centre
(does not apply to Wollongong)
SP4 Enterprise
(does not apply to Wollongong)

Please see the NSW Planning website for more information about the Employment Zones Reform.

The new zonings and information about land use permissions can be seen on the NSW Legislation website from 26 April 2023.

Extra information

When you apply for a 10.7 (2) Certificate, you can also apply for a 10.7 (5) Certificate, which will give you extra information if it's available, including:

  • Any Council resolutions to prepare a Planning Proposal for the property
  • Proposed draft Development Control Plans
  • Land stability
  • Flood and drainage
  • Acid sulfate soils
  • State Significant Development
  • Building lines
  • Other heritage matters known to Council
  • Tree Management Policy.

Please note that you can't get a 10.7 (5) Certificate on its own - it must be combined with a 10.7 (2) Certificate.

Planning Certificates only provide information about your land. If you need information about any built structures on a property, see the Building Information Certificate section of this page.

How to apply

Before you can apply, you need to log in or register in our Online Services system.

Once you are logged in, select Lodge an Application, then Certificates.


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Parent HierachyArea Fee NameFee Name GSTGST Current Fee (incl. GST)Current Fee (incl. GST)
Parent HierachyLand Use Planning | Certificate Related Fees | Planning Certificate Fee NameS10.7 (2) (minimum certificate) per parcel of land GSTN Current Fee$67.00
Parent HierachyLand Use Planning | Certificate Related Fees | Planning Certificate Fee NameS10.7 (2) and (5) (additional information) per parcel of land GSTN Current Fee$167.00
Parent HierachyLand Use Planning | Certificate Related Fees | Planning Certificate Fee NamePriority issue of certificate GSTN Current Fee$157.00
Parent HierachyLand Use Planning | Certificate Related Fees | Planning Certificate Fee Names88G Conveyancing Act Certificate GSTN Fee DescriptionRegulated fee of $10, and Council will not inspect the relevant land for the purpose of issuing the certificate