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Wollongong City Council

Separated Cycleways

We're providing some separated cycleways across Wollongong as part of our Pop-Up Cycling Routes program.

These cycleways are provided for people on bicycles but can also be used by people on unpowered recreational wheeled devices, like skateboards, scooters, rollerskates, in-line skates and unicycles.

Separated cycleways are located beside the kerb and gutter and are separated from parked cars or the driving lane in a street by a yellow traffic separator like the one shown in the picture at the top of the page.

Riders under 16 and those accompanying them can choose to ride in the separated cycleway or on the footpath.

Riding on separated cycleways

Follow these rules when riding on separated cycleways:

  • Keep left within the separated cycleway and be courteous of others.
  • Use a bell or your voice to let other riders know you’re nearby.
  • Don’t block the cycleway. If you need to stop, move out of the lane.
  • When overtaking be aware of oncoming riders. Signal your intention and use your bell or voice to let others know you are passing.
  • Be alert at crossings and intersections. Separated cycleways sometimes cross areas that are shared with vehicles or pedestrians. At these points, be ready to slow or stop, and always give way to anyone on foot.

Please also keep in mind that some bike lanes on residential streets may be temporarily unavailable on Tuesdays between 5.30am and 6.30am so bins can be collected. At these times, you'll need to leave the separated cycleway with care and either walk your bike on the footpath or follow the normal rules for riding on roads.

Detailed road rules for cyclists can be found on the Transport for NSW website.

You'll also find some great resources for bike riders on our Info for Cyclists page.

Driving near separated cycleways

Follow these rules when driving around separated cycleways:

  • When exiting or entering a driveway beside a separated cycleway, give way to both pedestrians on the footpath and cyclists in the separated cycleway.
  • When parking beside a separated cycleway, step over the traffic separator on the road when moving from your vehicle past the cycleway.  Also be aware of cyclists when crossing the cycleway and don’t stop on or block the cycleway.

Report an issue

If you find a problem with one of our separated cycleways, like cracked or broken surfaces, you can report it using the link for 'footpath and cycleway damage' on our Roads and Footpaths page.