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Wollongong City Council

Checklists and Application Forms

Below is a list of forms and checklists to help you prepare a development application (DA). If you're not sure which forms to use, get in touch with us for development advice.

Every development application (DA) needs to include a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE). There isn’t a set form for SEEs;  our Statement of Environmental Effects page explains what you need to include.

Please note, to prepare a Development Application you will need to apply online through the NSW Planning Portal. There is no longer a hard copy form.

Use the checklist below that relates to your development, and attach the relevant forms which can be found in the next section of this page.

Development Application Checklists
Type Name File Size
PDF File Lodgement-Checklist-Application-for-a-Complying-Development-Certificate-for-Residential-Development.pdf 312.6 KB
PDF File Lodgement-Checklist-Application-for-Construction-Certificate-PC.pdf 316.1 KB
PDF File Lodgement-Checklist-Development-Applications.pdf 437.5 KB
PDF File Lodgement-Checklist-M4-Activity-Application-under-S68-Part-A-of-the-Local-Government-Act-1993.pdf 31.2 KB
PDF File VMP-Guidelines.pdf 13.6 MB

Read the relevant checklist in the section above to confirm which applications you'll need. If you're unsure, contact us for Development Advice.

Please note, to prepare a Development Application you will need to apply online through the NSW Planning Portal. There is no longer a hard copy form.

Application Forms
Type Name File Size
Annual-Fire-Safety-Statement-Extension-of-Time-Request-Form.pdf 183.4 KB
Application-for-a-Design-Review-Panel-DRP-Meeting-Prior-to-Lodgement-of-a-Development-Application.pdf 44.2 KB
Application-for-Bushfire-Attack-Level-BAL-Risk-Assessment-Certificate.pdf 73.1 KB
Certificate-Application.pdf 48.3 KB
Fire-Safety-Notice-of-Intention-Order-Representation-Request-Form.pdf 95.0 KB
Liquor-Licence-Application-Process.pdf 33.0 KB
Lodgement-of-Additional-Information.pdf 50.2 KB
M11-Geotechnical-Declaration-and-Verification-of-Development-Application.pdf 104.4 KB
M12-Structural-Civil-Geotechnical-Declaration-Construction-Certificate-Application.pdf 79.5 KB
M13-Geotechnical-Declaration-Subdivision-Construction-Certificate-Application.pdf 81.1 KB
M14-Geotechnical-Declaration-Minor-Impact.pdf 109.4 KB
M16-Geotechnical-Declaration-Final-Structural-Civil-Certificate.pdf 78.6 KB
M18-Document-Endorsement.pdf 75.9 KB
M19-Certificate-of-Hydraulic-Compliance-On-Site-Stormwater-Detention-System.pdf 79.2 KB
M20-Bonds-Bank-Guarantee-Form.pdf 103.6 KB
M4-Activity-Application.pdf 45.4 KB
NSW-Swimming-Pool-Register-Registration-Form.pdf 78.8 KB
Owners-Consent-for-the-Release-of-Residential-Floor-Plans.pdf 40.2 KB
Owners-Consent-to-Lodge-an-Application.pdf 35.4 KB
Planning-Proposal-Application-and-Checklist.pdf 91.9 KB
Political-Donations-and-Gifts-Disclosure-Statement-to-Council.pdf 56.2 KB
Registration-Manufactured-Homes-Estate-Caravan-Park-and-or-Camping-Ground.pdf 53.0 KB
Request-for-Pre-Lodgement-Meeting.pdf 144.3 KB
Road-Naming-Application-Form.pdf 143.3 KB
Site-Management-Plan-Accompanying-Information.pdf 60.9 KB
Swimming-Pool-Exemption-Application-Form.pdf 93.4 KB
Voluntary-Surrender-of-Development-Consent.pdf 53.7 KB