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See our members guide for frequently asked questions to help you make the most of your membership.

Types of membership

Our membership terms and conditions apply to all categories.

This option is for people aged 18 or over who live in the Wollongong City Council area. You'll need current identification showing your age and address.

People aged 13 - 18 years can sign up as youth members. If you're under the age of 16, a parent or guardian will need to be a guarantor for your membership.

Once you're signed up, you can use your membership to borrow library items, and even get help with your homework or HSC.

You're never too young to join Wollongong City Libraries! Children from birth to 12 years can join us. You might also want to check out our great kids' programs and activities.

A parent or guardian will need to sign the membership application.

People aged 14 – 18 years who are living independently can sign up as library members. You’ll need current identification showing proof of your age and address.

Don’t live in the Wollongong City Council area? Don’t worry, you can still join us! You'll need to show your current identification.

Organisations based in the Wollongong City Council area can set up a library membership to borrow 50 items for up to 90 days. You’ll need to provide written approval from the organisation’s management, including the name and signature of a responsible person. Contact us to find out more.

Just passing through? If you visit or live in the Wollongong area for 12 months or less, this option is ideal for you. You’ll need to provide your current address and identification, such as a passport or drivers licence.

Your membership will expire after 12 months, or when you leave the area, whichever happens first.

This membership option is for people who can’t access our libraries, but have a family member, friend or neighbour who can select and deliver library items to you.

Don’t have someone who can help you borrow items? Our home library service is another option you might want to consider.

This service is for people in the Wollongong City Council Area who are temporarily or permanently housebound because of:

  • Age
  • Illness or injury
  • Physical or sensory impairment
  • Carer responsibilities.

See our home library service page for more information.

We can organise memberships for adults or minors who don’t have a permanent address. Visit one of our libraries for more information or to sign up.

Make sure you read and agree to the membership terms and conditions before you join.

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