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Wollongong Library Theatrette Conditions of Use

These are the conditions that apply to people or organisations hiring and using the Wollongong Library Theatrette.

Bookings and payment

  • Bookings must be made by using our online form or calling (02) 4227 7111 during business hours.
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking at its discretion.
  • An invoice for the hire of the room, and any additional equipment hire if relevant, will be issued the month after your booking. For example, if you book the Library Theatrette for an event in February, we will invoice you in March.
  • Invoices will be sent to the person or organisation who made the booking request.

Health and Safety

  • The hirer is responsible for the safety of people attending activities in the Library Theatrette during their booking.
  • Hirers are expected to follow safe work practices at all times, including safe manual handling.
  • Chairs, equipment or other items must not be placed in front of fire extinguishers or fire doors at any time.

Set up and pack up

  • You must check in with library staff when you arrive for your booking, and before you leave after using the space.
  • The hirer is responsible for setting up and packing up furniture as needed.
  • Furniture or equipment must not be removed from the room.
  • Furniture must be stored in cupboards and / or on chair stackers and the table trolley if they are not being used.
  • All furniture and equipment must be returned to where you found it at the end of your booking.
  • You must leave the Library Theatrette in a condition suitable for immediate use.
  • If you find the room is not in a suitable condition at the start of your booking, please report it to library staff immediately.

Audio visual (AV) equipment

  • The use of the data projector and screen, and/ or DVD player will attract additional fee. See our fees and charges for details.
  • Instructions on the use of the library's AV equipment will be available. Library staff can help you to set up and use the equipment, but they cannot provide technical support if equipment malfunctions.
  • If library-owned equipment malfunctions during business hours, library staff may request additional technical support. However, the availability of technical support staff cannot be guaranteed.
  • If you want to connect your own laptop or Mac to the data projector, your device must be enabled for VGA, or you will need to bring a VGA connector.
  • Computer cables can be borrowed from the library circulation desk at no cost if photo identification is provided. Identification will be stored securely and will be returned at the end of the booking when cables are returned.
  • Any electrical equipment or appliances brought into the building by the hirer, their contractor, or anyone else using the Library Theatrette must be tested and tagged by a licensed electrician or a person qualified to tag and test electrical equipment.

Food, drink and alcohol

  • Hirers are welcome to provide food and drink for an event, and to use the kitchenette for food preparation.
  • The hirer must provide their own food, drink, serving and tableware, including cutlery.
  • Alcohol may be served, but not sold, in the Library Theatrette. Hirers must follow responsible service of alcohol legislation if alcohol is served.
  • Under no circumstances is alcohol to be consumed in the library, outside the Library Theatrette.
  • The hirer is responsible for cleaning the area after use, including cleaning up food or drink spills in the kitchenette and Library Theatrette.
  • All rubbish must be placed in the available bin. Excess rubbish must be removed by the hirer.
  • A broom and vacuum cleaner will be provided for cleaning.


  • Toilets are available on the ground floor of Council's Administration Building, outside the main library entrance.
  • The toilets next to the Library Theatrette are for use by library staff only.
  • Toilets must be left in the condition in which they are found.

Noise and disturbances

  • The hirer and presenter must make sure noise levels are kept to a minimum so other library customers are not disturbed.
  • The hirer is responsible for complying with state and federal legislation.
  • If library staff are concerned that public safety is endangered, they may call the police.
  • Hirers should be aware that the Library Theatrette is next to the children's area of the library. At times, children's activities may be noisy. You can check our events calendar for details of other activities in the library during your booking, however we can't guarantee that the library will be quiet at any time.

Emergency evacuations

  • Emergency evacuation plans are provided in the kitchenette.
  • In the case of an emergency, library staff will notify people in the Library Theatrette if evacuation is necessary.
  • The hirer must make sure anyone attending their booking follows the instructions of library staff and leaves the building if required.
  • If the library is evacuated, nobody will be allowed to re-enter the building until the Fire Brigade or other authorised emergency services advise that it is safe to do so.