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Wollongong City Council

Update Your Details

Have you moved or changed your name or other personal details lately? Let us know so you don’t miss out on any important information from Council.

What you’ll need

You’ll need to attach any relevant legal documents that prove that your details have changed.

If you’re telling us about a change to your name, the documents must show both your old and new name.

Documents that might be used to show your change of details include:

  • Change of name certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Divorce certificate (decree)
  • Passport
  • Notice of sale
  • Certificate of Title or Deed Poll.

Use the link below to update your details, or call us on (02) 4227 7111 for help.

To tell us that someone has passed away, you will need to show us a copy of the Death Certificate, or Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

You can do this:

  • In person during business hours at our Customer Service Centre at 41 Burelli Street, Wollongong, or
  • By writing to us and including a copy of the certificate.

We will update the deceased person’s contact details to ‘The Estate of the Late (their name)’.

If the person owned property, we will update our records with the new owner’s contact details when we get advice of a change to the Certificate of Title. This will usually come from a solicitor or NSW Land Registry Services.

If you need help with this process, call us on (02) 4227 7111.

If you’re changing your name or address, it’s important you also update the details on your pet’s registration records. See our Pet Registration page for details.

If you're having problems with emergency or postal services not recognising your property's address, or if you believe your address is incorrect, you can ask us for help.

You can also ask Council to assign an address to a new property or development.

Please see our Property Addressing page for details.