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Wollongong City Council

Health and Safety Rules

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To help ease the financial burden on local businesses, from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022, we'll be waiving fees for food premises and personal grooming businesses for:

  • their first annual scheduled inspection
  • administration fees for inspections.

Council regularly inspects certain types of business to make sure they’re following state rules for health and safety.

Businesses that fall into the categories below have to be registered with Council. They can be inspected at any time, without notice, and fined if they’re not doing the right thing.

Any business that handles food has to be registered with Council. Special rules apply to food businesses, including permanent, temporary and mobile food providers.

See our Food Businesses page for details.

    This category includes hairdressers, beauty and nail salons, acupuncture, piercing and tattooists.

    For more information, and to view health standards these businesses must follow, visit the NSW Health website.

    If you’re setting up this type of business, read our Beauty and Skin Penetration Premises Construction, Fit-Out and Operation Guide PDF, 381.32 KB.

    You must notify Council before you start operating any beauty or skin penetration business. Use the pdf form below.

    Skin Penetration - Business Notification  PDF, 55.75 KB

    Businesses that serve alcohol, including bars and restaurants, must get a licence from the NSW Department of Liquor and Gaming.

    The Department and NSW Police inspect these businesses to make sure they’re meeting state rules.

    For more information, visit the Liquor & Gaming NSW website.

    Council's role in liquor licence applications

    Council does not grant liquor licences, but we provide advice and comments about licence applications. There are two main ways this happens:

    1. We can provide feedback to people applying for a liquor licence before they lodge it with the NSW Department of Liquor and Gaming. Call (02) 4227 7111 or email us to discuss your application.
    2. We receive advice from the NSW Department of Liquor and Gaming after they receive a licence application. Council then provides comments on the application, including information about whether development consent is required and, if so, whether consent is in force. The Department takes these comments into consideration when making a decision about applications.

    Serving liquor on Council land

    If you're organising an activity on Council land where alcohol will be served, you'll need to arrange a lease / licence agreement or booking with Council before you can apply for a liquor licence. You may also need to get permission through a development consent.

    Call (02) 4227 7111 or email us to discuss your options.

    Before you install or operate a cooling tower, you need to get development approval from Council.

    You will also need to notify us about the system, and follow NSW Health guidelines to control the risk of legionella.

    These rules also apply to water warming systems on buildings like hospitals and nursing homes.

    Use the form below to notify us about your cooling tower or water warming system.

    Notification of installation of change in particulars for regulated systems (cooling water systems and warm water systems) PDF, 171.25 KB

    You must also notify Council if you set up any of the following types of business:

    • Public pools and spas
    • Mortuaries
    • Sex industry premises
    • Shared accommodation, such as boarding houses, bed and breakfast, hotels or motels.

    Use the form below to notify us of your business.

    Notification of Public Pool Spas -Mortuary - Sex Industry Premises -Places of Shared Accommodation PDF, 94.19 KB

    If you have questions about health and safety for your business, email us or call (02) 4227 7111.

    Report an issue

    You can report health and safety issues to Council: