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Wollongong City Council

Collins Creek Catchment

The Collins Creek Catchment area covers 14 square kilometres between Bellambi and Bulli.

Map of Collins Creek Catchment  PDF, 659.64 KB

The Northern Area Floodplain Committee provides advice to Council about issues in the Collins Creek Catchment area.

A Flood Study for this catchment was completed in 2011. This was followed by a Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan in 2014, jointly funded by Council and the NSW Government. You can read past studies and plans in the Documents section of this page.

The Flood Study is currently being reviewed to give us more up to date information, and take into account recent development in the area.

You can find out more about the Flood Study review on the Collins Creek Flood Study website.

Current Works and Projects

There are currently no works in this catchment

Ursula Road Scheme, Bulli

Works we've done around Ursula Road, Bulli, include:

  • Upgrading the Gordon Hutton Park flood retarding basin
  • Building a flood deflection levee on the northern bank of Whartons Creek, west of Franklin Avenue
  • Replacing the Franklin road culverts with a new bridge.

Lower parts of Whartons Creek experienced damaging floods in March 2014. As a result, we’re making plans to replace a 450mm drainage pipe at Trinity Row with a 1050mm pipe, and upgrade the drainage system that runs east along Ursula Road. We will talk with the community about this work when draft plans are ready.

Kells Crescent Drainage Upgrade

We’ve started investigating options to reduce flood waters affecting residential properties.

Debris Control Structures

We’ve finished concept plans for four debris control structures. These will help floodwaters drain more effectively and reduce risk to public and private property. Planned locations for the debris control structures are Gordon Hutton Park, Russell Vale Golf Course, Albert Street and Brompton Road.

West Street Detention Basin

In 2017 we started making plans for a new detention basin to reduce the impact of flooding downstream of West Street, Russell Vale. This is expected to be built on land owned by Wollongong Coal Limited.

Bellambi Gully Scheme

We’ve started on plans to reduce floodwater affecting residential properties between the railway line and Gladstone Street, Bellambi. This includes:

  • Channel improvement works between the railway line and Holy Spirit College
  • Upgrading culverts at Pioneer Road and Gladstone Street.

Voluntary Purchase Scheme

We’ve bought and cleared one property in this catchment under a Voluntary Purchase Scheme. One more property is earmarked to be purchased if the opportunity comes up in future.

You can help our research and planning for floods in this catchment by sharing your past experiences.

If you have photos or other information about flooding on your property, please email us or post information to the mailing address in the footer of this page.