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Wollongong City Council


You can view a list of recently approved Development Applications on our Development Approvals page.

If you’re the applicant for any of these developments, you should shortly receive information about the conditions that apply to your development, and what you should do next.

If you have any questions, call (02) 4227 7111 or email us and quote the application number or property address.

You can also use the Application Tracking tab in our Online Services system to view older Development Application information.

Each application that relates to development is given a unique reference. This is made up of two or three numbers, followed by a series of letters.

Here’s how to interpret them.

The letters indicate what type of application was made:
BA – Building Application
BAL – Bushfire Attack Level Risk Assessment Certificate
BC – Building Information Certificate
CC – Construction Certificate
CD – Complying Development Certificate issued by Council
CS – Construction Certificate for a Subdivision
DA – Development Application
LG – Permit to carry out an activity under the Local Government Act
PC – Private Certifier determination for a Complying Development Certificate or Construction Certificate
RD – Review of Determination
SC – Subdivision Certificate

The numbers after the letters show the year the application was lodged, followed by a unique number assigned to that application.

A letter at the end of the application number indicates that a modification has been made to an earlier application. A is the first modification, B is the second modification, and so on.